And cue fire on the Orange Line

Scene on the Orange Line, not the set of the Taking of Pelham 1-2-3. Photo by BFD.Orange Line outside Chinatown, not the set of the Taking of Pelham 1-2-3. Photo by BFD.

UPDATE, 3:20 p.m.: BFD reports no more fire, but that there's still smoke from smoldering grease and trash on the tracks under the train as firefighters continue to evacuate 225 passengers. The train itself was not on fire.

An inbound train about 100 feet from Chinatown station appears to be on fire. Passengers are being escorted off the train; Chinatown station is being evacuated.

Daniel Adams reports:

Was waiting on SB Chinatown platform. 3 loud thunks, horrible chemical smoke. Fire near wheels of NB train.



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The post about the Green Line switching problems states the MBTA telling people to take the Orange Line If they are going north to Haymarket or Nort Station. The MBTA advisory on their website warns of 45 minute delays on the Orange Line and tells people to take the Red or Green Line.

Vinnie Barbarino had it right: "I am so confused."

Don't they ever learn?

PLEASE people. How many times to you have to be told? DO NOT throw your used grease onto the subway tracks. Please dispose of it responsibly in garbage cans on the platform.


OK, at this point, platform

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OK, at this point, platform screen doors would have paid for themselves 5 times over, especially if part of them were used for ad space

Adam: sorry to post on this

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Adam: sorry to post on this tread. I am getting some kinda spam when I got to your web site. Any thoughts on how to fix. I need my UH fix.....

sorry ill get you the

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sorry ill get you the specifics. It looks like a cookie, a prefex after com and I get a guick look at the web page and then everything scambles...I have run scans on my computer too. I am on my lap top now.

here is what I

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here is what I get:

and then the page scambles?

The good news is that's not spam

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The bad news is that you're getting scrambled pages here.

What browser do you use? That page is related to some software I use to speed up delivery of pages to anonymous users; for some reason your browser isn't liking the particular type of compression the system uses.