And the hub of Massachusetts is: Natick!

To be exact, 32 Windsor Ave., on the shores of scenic Dug Pond, according to the US Census Bureau's 2010 Census Centers of Population by State .

And yes, of course the Census Bureau figures out the center of gravity for each state's population.

Tip o' the enumerator's cap to Kurt Hemr for finding this.



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      Center of Gravity point

      I saw the map for the center of population gravity for the entire U.S., which has shifted from somewhere around Maryland out to Missouri or someplace like that. It would be cool if some intrepid cartographer/demographer did the same thing only taking into consideration obesity statistics so we could get the actual center of gravity based on where the lard-asses live. I guess doing that for Massachusetts probably wouldn't change much -- is there some part of the State that has more heavy people than other locales?

      Used to be Kansas.....

      back in the 70s I went to school with a guy who was SO proud that his home town was near/at that population center. He was skinny as all get-out so he wouldn't have tipped the obesity center in either direction, although that'd be an interesting thing to see.

      As for Massachusetts, I'm not surprised it's in Natick but I am surprised it's not in the mall..I mean..."collection"