Another person struck and killed by train in Hyde Park

This time by an outbound commuter-rail train on the Providence Line, about 5:20 p.m. just outbound from the commuter-rail station, AlertNewEngland reports.

Channel 4 reports the woman, whom the MBTA said was trespassing on the tracks, was hit next to the Boston Renaissance Charter School. The school sent out e-mail to parents and staff that the woman had no affiliation with the school and did not get onto the tracks from school property.

Trains in both directions were stopped, and extensive delays persist as of 7:30 p.m. As passengers sat and grew restive, one Providence Line conductor went on the PA, Lauren Gallagher tweets:

The conductor simply announced "I apologize for you losing 2 hours of your life, but this girl lost all of hers."

In August, Benjy Barlatier, 28, of Hyde Park, was killed by an inbound Amtrak train while standing on the tracks at the station.



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Two cruisers were at the

Two cruisers were at the school when I passed by, and another one came racing up Hyde Park ave from Cleary Sq. when I reached Shaws. When I was coming home, a ladder truck was leaving the school. I didn't guess this.


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Thats about as big-hitting, sledge-hammering announcement I've ever heard. I bet that quiet the train for some time.


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To the conductor.


Amen to that. I can't imagine what the crew is going through

First let me extend my

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First let me extend my sympathies to this poor woman and her family and friends, and also the engineer who had to witness this.

Saying that, I really don't understand how this happens, its not like its a rural line (in which case you still shouldnt be on the tracks, but I digress). It would be safer to walk out into the middle of an interstate highway then to walk on these tracks. At least cars can swerve or stop in less then a half mile. Maybe the T should have a public campaign showing just that.

When it comes to tracks, of any kind, any where, don't go on them for any reason, whatsoever period, the end.

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did it occur to you that maybe she wanted to be there?

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Shockingly, some people WANT to be hit by a train. Or are drunk/high, or mentally ill.

Second: one person dying (possibly of their own volition) is not a reason to imprison a thousand or more other people (figuring a few hundred people on each train, and a couple of trains stuck on the line.) If someone jumps, back any loaded trains into the nearest station and give people the option of being picked up by a friend or family member, or bus them.

Yet if it was

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one of your family members, I'm sure you'd be the first screaming and kicking for everything possible, and everything absurd to be done.

Go suck on one anon. Life (and death) doesn't revolve around you. I hope many a inconvenience on you, as I'm sure you've inconvenienced plenty of people yourself.

Did you read the whole comment?

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Aside from the snark factor, they are right to ask "why keep everybody in a stopped train". We all know that the trains can be run from either end. If the entire line is shut, reversing direction to get to a station makes a lot of sense. This isn't the Red Line or Orange line where there is a third rail to shut down.

What got into them?

In August, Benjy Barlatier, 28, of Hyde Park, was killed by an inbound Amtrak train while standing on the tracks at the station.

Was it ever determined why he had gotten on the tracks?

Benjy RIP

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The Globe did a story on this tradgedy and reported the family suggests foul play. In fairness to the Police Investigators can you imagine the pressure and stress they are under trying to complete their investigation as their bosses are screaming at them to clear the tracks because thousands of angry commuters are delayed for hours

Horrible but

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this does happen more than we would care to see. The T/Commuter rail provider should have an emergency response plan that moves the passengers if it's more than 30 minutes. It's the commuter rail, they are not stuck in a tunnel. Let the police do a proper investigation, get the pax moving. This could also apply if a track or train was broken.