Back Bay under siege

Michael Schlow (yes, that Michael Schlow) is none too happy with how long the streets along Boylston are blocked off. In two tweets tonight, he writes:

Boston Marathon Monday, you'd think we'd showcase the beauty here instead of all the barricades ... looks like martial law has been imposed.

So utterly stupid. ... no valet allowed, barricades everywhere, streets are empty ... the marathon isn't for 2 days!!!

As Adam Castiglioni notes:

[Schlow's] Tico is located on the corner of Stuart and Berkeley in the finish area of the Boston Marathon where the family meeting area for finishing runners will be.



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It's the cars not the cops

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that create the need for the extensive need for crowd control. Who would be so stupid as to drive - not just into the Back Bay - but up Newbury and down Boylston st Marathon weekend? The crowds in town for the Marathon AND the Red Sox are creating an unpleasant situation on theT, as well. Time to have less going on downtown while hosting the world.

...or use the barricades to

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...or use the barricades to control the cars not the people.

some of us don't have a choice, unfortunately

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I live in that area and was driving in from an out-of-town weekend, had to drive through the giant crowds just to get home and park.

It's "siege" not

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"seige". Gentle reminder.


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You'd think I'd know how to spell by now. Thanks.

You mean it's not

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"seige" as in "Partially seiged, rose Mary on time?"

i before e except after c
or when sounded like A as in neighbor and weigh.