Be on the lookout for guy with JPish hipster bag around Savin Hill - he could be a burglar

backpackDenis Popov reports his Savin Hill condo complex has had a series of break-ins over the past two months, in which somebody breaks in, then looks for a bag in which to carry out all the goodies he finds.

Popov says in his case, the thief made off with a laptop - and his unusual Chrome Soma messenger bag:

That bag is very unique-looking, with a big seatbelt buckle on the strap, and would stick out like a sore thumb on anyone who's not a bike messenger or JP hipster. This happened in Dorchester, so it's pretty safe to assume the guy who made off with my stuff is neither a messenger nor a hipster.

So any Dotsters who see a shady-looking character walking around with a large camera bag and a Chrome Soma backpack, do some folks a favor and drop a dime - and cc [email protected]



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Chrome is "unique"? Hahahaahahaha, aha, hahahaha

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I'm sorry, but Chrome has been doing the seatbelt-buckle thing for years. There are zillions of Chrome bags around the world, and especially Cambridge, Somerville, and Allston...and they're not just slung around the shoulders of messengers.

Or Brighton

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Yeah, I've see a bag like this on the B-Line sometime in the past couple of months. So unless this guy is out this way often, there are at least two of this bag going around town.

Hey hipster doofus

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Sorry your stuff was stolen but what the heck does this mean:
"This happened in Dorchester, so it's pretty safe to assume the guy who made off with my stuff is neither a messenger nor a hipster"
Please explain...

Don't you know? He's the

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Don't you know? He's the only hipster who dares go against the gentrification of JP and strike out into the next territory of Dorchester where the rents truly are low!

God's suitcase

I'm an old man who cycles and use a Chrome messenger bag. It was a gift. I'm too cheap frugal to buy such.

It also isn't the mega version pictured. I figure that's what he thinks is unique. Most Chromes are limp lumps that hang loose and low. That looks like it could hold two wheels of Romano.

I wonder whether the bag cost more than whatever the thief stuffed in it.

If you get the good ones it's worth the money

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I have a bag from when I was a messenger in the early 90s that is still going strong outside of the waterproof liner being somewhat compromised. I think I paid $50 for it back then from an independent maker.

I use it all the time, whether on or off the bike and it's never been treated with kid gloves. The trick is to get the "professional" models. Since these bags became popular there's the mass-produced ones and they will not last (i.e. avoid the low end timbuk bags).

i use a basket and a

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i use a basket and a briefcase so i don't get a 24" wide sweat pool on my back, but to each his own

Panniers and a rack for me

I prefer that the weight be low on the bike, and I have to carry a lot of stuff back and forth to work, with some room for a couple of gallons of milk or a case of cold beer now and again(considerably less clothing and smaller shoes in the summer, though).

Ortlieb panniers have shoulder carry straps, and some even do backpack duty when needed. Wire baskets carry backpacks/brief cases nicely, too - as well as groceries.

I've got just the thing for you

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I'm changing jobs soon where I'll be able to bike commute again & will set up a rack/pannier setup. The messenger bags are great all around, but carrying anything heavy becomes a real drag after more than 5-10 minutes. Even when I was a messenger I had a rack & bungee cords for shuttling law books around DC without flattening my spine.


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I live in that complex and know about the robberies, and I'm pretty sure he was asking if anyone saw a thuggish-looking person walking around Savin Hill area or the vicinity with that packpack and a camera bag specifically on Tuesday, the day the robbery took place. I know every hipster and his grandma has one of those bags nowadays, but it would still look completely out of place on some hoodied, pants-sagging Dorchester thug, especially in combination with a large camera bag. Well, unless it's some Mass Art urban hipster, but those are normally in JP or Allston, not Dorchester or some Downtown Crossing pawn shop :)

bag, etc

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Awesome comments, glad to see Bostonians still have their awesome sense of humor and blame Whole Foods for everything :)

I am the owner of the unit that got robbed, and as my neighbor/coworker above has stated, I'm not asking for people to report every single person they see with a Chrome bag but instead I am looking for something very specific. As for the cost of the bag and contents, unfortunately the contents of the bag were worth way more than the bag ($50 craigslist special) - the robber made off with a rather beat up Dell E4300 laptop (8 GB of RAM and Microcenter brand 60GB SSD, Kobo ebook reader, a set of Monster Turbine earbuds and a HTC Hero phone. He was definitely on foot as he stole a bag in order to not look suspicious instead of stuffing everything into a large trash bag that would have held way more stuff, that's why I'm asking if anyone might have seen him on Tuesday between noon and 3pm, either in the vicinity of Savin Hill or in Downtown Crossing near all the shady pawnshops. While those bags are common among hipsters and such, I'm yet to see a thug carrying one. And I know it was a crackhead thug, since any professional robber would have taken IDs, credit cards, car keys and checks while this guy only went for small cheap electronics. He didn't even bother taking the power cords.

Live close by to there and

Live close by to there and have a friend who lives even closer who is a hipster and rocks that same exact bag and is often seen walking around with a camera bag. Can't wait to hear about some vigilante who beats him up assuming he's the robber. Hipsters are everywhere, even here in Dot, but especially around the Savin Hill/Upham's Corner area.


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Just because your thief is from the Dorchester area, doesn't mean he is a retard. I doubt they are going to be casually walking around your neighborhood with your stolen merchandise in plain sight. Believe it or not, some of these people have some brains.