Bid for official Dorchester song

Joyce Linehan is asking candidates running to replace Maureen Feeney in District 3 if they'd pledge to make the Gremies' version of No Surfing in Dorchester Bay the official Dorchester Song.



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    Great song. Love the triple

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    Great song.
    Love the triple decker T-shirt and cut-off shorts.

    sounds a bit like..

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    when the city council votes to oppose the war
    or other such nonsense
    I want the candidates to focus on the needs of DOT, not the fluff

    p.s...I know and love this song

    Keep drinking the Hater-ade

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    Keep drinking the Hater-ade Whitey.
    Great song and fun gambit.


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    I still have that record. Richie P. Gave it to me back in 79/80 in the Cantones days. A classic.