The boiler without a country

A man stopped to marvel at the big-ass boiler sitting in a drug-store parking lot.A man stopped to marvel at the big-ass boiler sitting in a drug-store parking lot.

We weren't the only ones who took a swing up Mass. Ave. in Arlington today to see the banned boiler of MIT, which Somerville is refusing to let rumble down its streets on the final leg of a journey from Texas to the school. reports it could be Tuesday at the earliest before Somerville grants the required permit for the oversized load to enter the city; in the meantime, it sits behind cones, sawhorses and police tape in the parking lot of a Walgreens on Mass. Ave. in Arlington.

Of course, a big-ass boiler deserves a big-ass photo: Take a look at Aaron Donovan's photo.



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    Yup. NYC garbage without a country

    I'd like to suggest Critical Mass do something useful and try pulling that load to prove bicycles have some value beyond annoyance and as children's toys.

    It may surprise people to learn that there is still a need to move physical objects, some large. Bicycles don't do it, trains are too narrow for this load, and even Interstate highways may not all support loads over 80 tons.

    This state is long overdue in stopping bike lane nonsense and building roads that support economic growth and jobs. Transport of objects beyond what fits in your milk crate is necessary.

    wow. are you being sarcastic or serious?

    first of all, how the hell does moving a boiler relate to bike lanes? second, how are you going to build more roads in the areas this thing was traveling through, and how is that going to help the economy? oh wait. i get it. if we take all the people that ride bikes now, and put them all in cars, we would all have to sit in traffic for longer, which would mean we'd all have to buy more gas, which would help the economy. it all makes sense now...

    Boiler has a home

    Dad got the email this time around:

    The boiler will be delivered early on Thursday, August 4th. The following streets will be closed in the early morning hours of Thursday, August 4th to allow the receipt of the boiler;
    . Albany Street from Main to Mass Ave,
    . Portland Street from Main to Albany St.
    . Osborne from Main to Albany St.