Saving possums in the dark


Last night, Susan Labandibar of South Boston fired up her copy of Citizens Connect, the mobile app that lets you report problems to the city and see what other people have reported (appless version). As you might expect, it's been dominated of late by reports of potholes and homeowners refusing to shovel their sidewalks. But Labandibar also saw this South Boston report:

Possum in my trash can. Can't tell if it's dead. Barrel in back of 168 west 9th. How do I get this removed?

Labandibar reports:

11:15PM Walked over to West Ninth Street. It’s about three blocks from my house. Locate trash can behind house. Possum? Check. Living? Yep.

Turned the trash can on its side. Walked home. Good night, sweet possum.

Possums sure like their Boston trash cans.



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    lids, experience them

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    I should email this to my tenant. She thinks I'm making a big deal out of nothing by insisting on using the garbage barrel lids.

    Tell the trash guys that

    This looks like it was emptied by the trash pick up. If their trash guys are like ours were before we went to the minidumpsters, they don't put the lids back on.

    While it worked out well in

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    While it worked out well in this case, it makes me a little uncomfortable that Boston releases the details of these requests on the web. If I needed help from the city, I might not want the public to know my address, especially if it involved a dispute with a neighbor.

    Your address doesn't show up

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    Unless you specifically include it, as in this case. Otherwise, the only address that appears in public is the address of the violation you're reporting.

    You can also make them

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    You can also make them private too. At the bottom of the form there is a 'Share with public' option. By default it is set to on, but it you flip it to off, it won't show up in the public feed.

    I do this all the time

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    put a possum in your barrel, mark your shoveled out parking space with the barrel and people are too afraid to move it.

    That'll work

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    That'll work