Chaos at Carson Beach as Memorial Day gang fight erupts

State Police shut down Carson Beach and the roads around it and the JFK/UMass T stop when a giant brawl broke out around 5:30 p.m., according to Local 718 and Shawn Granniss.

Channel 4 reports as many as 1,000 people showed up for a gang fight, and that this was the third day in a row of gang trouble at the beach.

J.J. Leslie tweets:

I was down there just before that, swimming. Big groups by the bath house. Not regulars. Left just before things went down.



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Just revelers!

I am confused by the way the Globe wrote it's first update.

Police swarmed to a crowded Carson Beach in South Boston this afternoon after fights broke out among Memorial Day revelers.

That makes it sound as if the people at the beach were marching in a parade or holding flags or something, but my guess is that's not what they were doing.

No slack on a breaking story,

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No slack on a breaking story, huh?
They seem to have gotten their facts straight pretty quickly.

Biases every I guess

Mayor Called in Story First

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They take his word for everything. Beats thinking and saves on shoe leather.

I went over there this

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I went over there this weekend and could not have gotten out of there fast enough. It was so scary and you could tell there was going to be trouble....maybe Obama could use some of the money to clean up Dorchester and South Boston....and stop trying to fix other countries, when it is so messed up over here.

I am sure something will be done because people went into Savin Hill....people over there will not stand for it and have a stong voice with city hall

what people in savin hill?

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what people in savin hill? the vietnamese!!!Ya they dont put up with anything. You would be more likey to get stabbed or shot in Savin Hill than you would in Southie. And if any place should be cleaned up it should be stabbin kill I mean savin hill.


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Do you know anything about the neighborhood? Especially in the part between Morrissey and 93, it's made up of pretty affluent and community-minded folks (of various races and ethnicities). The neighborhood association is very active and the place is full of pricey homes with gorgeous gardens. Definitely one of the nicer Boston neighborhoods.

But don't let your provincial stereotypes get in the way.

OTB is not the whole community

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I'd guess the earlier commenter knows a lot about the neighborhood. Stab 'n kill is a classic. As are murderpan and jamaica spain. There is some truth the the nicknames, loaded with stereotypes, as they are. Over the Bridge is a lovely section of the neighborhood but a few streets over can be questionable. MBTA platform shooting. Enough said. Even those of us who love these places need to acknowledge the downsides.

Yeah, and?

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Sure, there's been violence there. It's in a freakin' city.

How does this in any way equal a neighborhood where no one cares what happens? Oh, or justify comments about the Vietnamese community being violent or complacent?


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This is all Obama's fault! Why didn't we all think of that before??

Obama's and the Globe's

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Obama's and the Globe's fault, too don't forget.
Revelers, indeed.

Lucy Leggs

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You're a moron. Not only does this have nothing to do with the federal government, foreign aid makes up less than 1% of the federal budget. Obama has NOTHING to do with this, the buck stops with Menino and even that's a stretch.

Take personal responsibility for where you live and stop blaming the President.


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What did they stop 'em for?

Okay, there might have been a few innocent bystanders hanging around. But if these people all want to die by the sword, let 'em. Hell, let 'em convene again next week, same time, same place. Let nature take its course.

Doesn't work

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Somebody will end up killing someone. Someone's brother will take revenge by trying to kill somebody and your sister will get shot as a bystander.

Then, all of the sudden, shit gets real for you and you want them to crack down on all the violent crime.

Let's just nip it in the bud up front, okay?

damn southie punks

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with their shamrock tatoos, red sox caps and celtic jerseys. i knew something like this was bound to happen eventually. ever since good will hunting these punks think they own southie.

lol, exactly

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/shakes fist


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out of towners eh?

Arrest update

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A total of three people were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. All were arraigned this morning in South Boston District Court, all were released on personal recognizance, all ordered to return on July 20.

I was there Saturday and

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I was there Saturday and Sunday, and on Sunday I noticed a very large amount of thuggish looking youths (of all races) on the West end of the beach, by the Red Line stop, and could tell there was trouble coming. Seems like a large amount of these kids weren't from South Boston.