CharlieCards to get CharlieAds

The Boston Business Journal reports the MBTA plans to go ahead with an idea from a local startup - which the T says, however, is not guaranteed the contract to implement it all.

Ed. question: Didn't the old T passes sometimes have ads on them? The article doesn't answer the question of how to avoid Coraline-like ads on cards designed to last a decade.



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I assume the ads will go on

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I assume the ads will go on CharlieTickets and not the smart resusable CharlieCards?

No, CharlieCards

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Yeah, I was puzzling over that too, obviously. Galen Moore, editor at the BBJ, though, suggests:

What if they issued new cards that could be used to buy other stuff?

One problem...

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...who looks at their Charlie Card? You don't need to see it to use it or renew it. Maybe it would make more sense to put ads on passes, which you have to look at to use.

The T tried selling ad space on the old

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monthly passes for a few months. Like the original "station branding" experiment, the program was ultimately cancelled for lack of interest.

And it seems to me that the concept of providing ads on CharlieCards/CharileTickets has "we fully expect this idea to fail" written all over it. Then T management will turn around and use the failure to further support their arguments for a fare increase.

A smart cab company

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...would seize this opportunity, so everyone has a taxi number handy on their CharlieCard next time an entire subway line breaks down.

How about video ads?

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They could put video ads on the computer screen that accepts your T pass when you swipe it. Then make you watch the whole commercial before the gates open!

Just kidding, MBTA! Don't you dare.

This is so stupid. Do they

This is so stupid. Do they realize that no one ever even looks at their CharlieCard? I don't think I could even get mine out of the back if my wallet even if I wanted to because its so embedded in the leather. The ads should be on CharlieTickets, hands down.

There used to be ads on the

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There used to be ads on the back of the T passes, sometimes even coupons.

Yeah, I don't get it ..

I just read another Boston Business Journal article about this and no where does it mention that this was happening up until we switched to Charlie Tickets. The monthly subway/bus passes had ads on the back and, as someone mentioned, had discounts, too. (I'm sure there's still a page on the MBTA's website somewhere that lists them all.)

You know what someone should do someday? Invent these little pods that we can use at home to make single-servings of coffee. I mean, maybe Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks could even get involved.

I'm gonna get on that! Shhhh.