Charring crosses up T riders

So far this morning, a charred 39 bus was towed from Huntington Avenue near Brigham Circle and buses had to be rolled out for the C line when an overhead power line came down near Cleveland Circle.



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No but ...

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The kidlet and I used to pour over London Underground maps because the names were so wonderful ...

what exactly happened with

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what exactly happened with this bus fire, i live on the same street and at 5:40 am i heard a loud explosion sound and the ground shook cause my bed moved it was scary! what was that!!!

Could have been a tire

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Could have been a tire exploding or a suspension air bag popping if it started from brakes in the wheel-well.

Just a guess

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If I had to guess, I'd say that the brakes caught fire (sticking/overheating/debris). The fire weakened the rubber on the tire which surrounds a lot of air under high pressure trying to escape. The tire eventually is too weak and hot that it explodes with a powerful pop.

Kings Cross

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On the other hand, it was King's Cross that got charred due to a fire in one of those old deathtrap wooden escalators.

Elephant & Castle...

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... is my favorite.

I fell in love with that system during a trip to London with my parents, way back in 1970 or so. The best thing about the artistically-pleasing-yet-geographically-dishonest map is the way it totally misleads you concerning distances. You think you have to take a train, switch lines, take another train, etc., but the stop you need to get to is only a one block walk from the one you're at now. Great stuff.

Another fun thing to do (if the kidlet is really bored someday) is to make up your own British name using Underground station names. Choose a British-sounding first name, then use a station name or two to make up the surname. MY WIFE is, as I recall, Angela Paddington. I, on the other hand, am...

Sir Ian Bayswater-Queensway

Ah, Elephant and Castle

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We also used to draw made-up subway maps with many station names that played off that station - Kangaroo and Mansion and such. A couple years ago, we went to the Elephant and Castle downtown - she got bangers and mash.

Also see Animals on the Underground. Probably the best we could do would be Tic-Tac-Toe Boards on the T, and there'd only be one, so it'd be pretty boring.

Ha! Mornington Crescent!

And before anyone complains, Charing Cross -> King's Cross -> Elephant & Castle -> Mornington Crescent is *legal*, and has been since 1992. IIRC you didn't used to be able to play King's Cross -> Elephant & Castle.

Saw it!

The tow truck was just getting into position as I arrived at the same stop (Huntington @ Fenwood Road) on a 66 this morning.

In spite of a fairly dire T Alert around 6:30 which warned that the 66 and 39 were being diverted because of the fire, my bus ran its normal route, and in fact the trip from Allston took about 10 minutes less than it has in the past couple of months.