Citizen complaint of the day: Enough with the trailer outside the Hyatt already

Hyatt trailer

A concerned citizen says enough's enough and it's time to move the trailer that's been sitting outside the Downtown Crossing Hyatt on Avenue de Lafayette for ages:

This trailer has been here for 2 years much of the time including now it has not displayed a permit. I support the msg. being sent. The treatment of the maids was shameful. This is an eyesore and is taking up two meter spots. Its time to take this down. At 25 cents per 12 minutes, this protest has cost the city $45k in lost revenue. Point made.., let's give the space back to the citizens of Boston.



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    $45k? If the spots were filled up entirely every day for the 12 hrs/day the meters require, it would only be $.25x5 = $1.25/hr x 12 hrs/day = $15/day. Assuming the meter payment was required 250 days/yr (365 calendar days less 104 weekend days less 10 holidays) it would only be $3,750/spot/yr, so $15k at max for the two spots over the two years they've been out there. I agree with the complaint, but I'm just saying...

    Not a protest trailer

    I believe this belongs to a union contractor, and their workers are hanging the banner. It will be there until whatever job is done.

    I'd look at the union's

    I'd look at the union's connection to City Hall. If it's actually been two years, either they're building a Gothic cathedral or someone's being taken care of.

    2 years

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    It's definitely been there two years. I work nearby and walk past it all the time.

    2 ideas

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    The job site? Or failing that the Filene's site.

    Nobody uses that trailer

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    I think whatever the job was, was over a long time ago. I walk by there all the time and I never see anybody use that trailer, ever. It looks old, dirty and deserted, like it hasn't been used in a long time.