Citizen complaint of the day: Last one off the movie set, turn off the lights

Chandler Street lightA concerned citizen complains:

Since the movie crews were here on Friday (6/24), all the streetlights on Chandler and the side streets have been on 24/7. Seems like the timers have been turned off and I know the city is keen to save money. Thank you.



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    When they shoot . . .

    . . . night scenes- the lights they use can be very very bright even from a distance. I've seen some sets at night from my window in both Charlestown and the North End and right below me at the aquarium and in the harbor and they come right through the blinds even at distances. I've wondered if they have ever kept people up at night who are closer.

    You are always talking about

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    You are always talking about how you live on the waterfront. Are you rich or something?

    Poor Haviland

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    He never saw Mystic River - a story with a lot of upscale waterfront action...

    Living in a city I also too

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    Living in a city I also too often wonder if other people are being kept up at night by things that one excepts in a city like movie shoots and ambulances and even people walking by my door after dusk having a conversation.

    If only there was a place to move where you could put up a fence and guarantee your lot was dark and quiet. Not urban, something less dense, but not quite a rural farm either. Like, sub-urban.

    Movie shoots?

    Cripes indeed. You have an odd concept of normal urban life.

    There are indeed plenty of kinds of normal noise and disturbance, but movie shoots don't really fall into the category of "things that one [expects? accepts? No idea what you intended there] in a city." Passing ambulances and people walking by having a conversation are quite different from noise and bright lights in your street for hours - or nights - on end because of an impromptu worksite being plunked down in the neighborhood.