Developer considers big-box project next to South Bay Mall

The Dorchester Reporter explains the preliminary plans by Samuels & Associates, which could bring more big boxes to the area. The company built South Bay, but does not own it.



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    I am not too sure this is a wise idea to expand the South Bay Mall. Yes its the only (decent) 'big box' Shopping Center within Boston City limits, but its also one of the most crowded. Ever try to get NEAR the South Bay Mall on a weekend? or even worse.. the weeks preceding Christmas ? Its total gridlock. When I lived down that way, I avoided South Bay like the plague because it just sucks.

    Just what we need, more traffic for an already saturated neighborhood. At least now.. soon.. they'll be a train station behind Stop & Shop. (for the indigo line)

    I disagree. South Bay is

    I disagree. South Bay is where we go all the time to shop and eat and its because there's ample parking and not a big headache getting in and out. And — shock of all shocks— there are family-style restaurants where neighborhood people can take their kids without shlepping out to suburbia.

    The gridlock these days actually is on Dorchester Ave. where the city has totally f--d up the traffic patterns with its federally-funded boondoggle called the Dot Ave. project. Its a completely disaster.

    South Bay also has much more potential with the new Fairmount station going in soon.. this could very well be a prime spot for WalMart or another outfit since workers can get there via train and not just bus. How can Menino in good conscience block it when it was he who personally went on a road trip to drag Target to So Bay???

    You obviously don't live in

    You obviously don't live in the immediate area. I grew up in this neighborhood and we've put up with the ugly storage building being built, then South Bay Mall and all its expansions. Boston Street's traffic is a nightmare and the congestion is horrible nevermind all the empty shopping carts left everywhere and the deliver trucks going down residential streets. Why on earth do we need a Home Depot, Walmart, BJs or any other store. Isn't South Bay mall enough! Why not consider the residents and the people who live there!