Did the MWRA blow out water mains all over Belmont?

Call it Mini-Aquapocalypse: Many Belmont residents were without water today due to multiple water-main breaks across town.

Belmont resident Rob Sama reports on a conversation with a guy working on the main down the street from his house this afternoon:

Apparently the MWRA has a water pressure spike of 20%!!! This spike has caused blow outs all over the place. He thought there were like three or four on my street alone. I asked him how many people were without water, and he said he worked for a private contractor and wasn’t sure. But he had no idea as to when they’d be done with repairs. He said they were literally fabricating parts for the water mains as they went, because these pipes were so old nobody made parts for them any more. Sounded like a real cluster fuck.



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Belmont Water Main Breaks

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Just to clear things up - MWRA did not have any pressure spikes in the system yesterday. The breaks were caused by a valve within Belmont's system that was left partially open.

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Someone should talk to Belmont Springs about this outage.

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