Downtown Turkish fans: Sultan's Kitchen or Boston Kebab House?

I finally tried some takeout from Boston Kebab House yesterday (tandoori chicken). It wasn't bad, but not enough to tear me away from Sultan's Kitchen on State Street. What do you think?



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I'm with you

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One of my co-workers is a big fan of the salad bar at Kebab house, but I didn't think that the shish kebab was as good as Sultan's kitchen.
I wonder if BKH operated by a former Sultan's Kitchen employee?

I'll also put in a plug for the Sultan's kitchen cookbook which in my experience is of a very high caliber, especially for a "vanity" cookbook- the recipes have been very dependable.

What's the Weather Out

We have a subsidiary of Boston Kebab in our building, so heavy rain or snow affects my decision on where to go.

If its nice out? Sultan's Kitchen, hands down (or is that hands wiped down ...)

Sultan's Kitchen

Boston Kebab House has very good felafel, but on the whole this competition is not even close. Sultan's Kitchen is amazing. Everything there. Fantastic. They also have great stuff in the fridge that you can just grab to bring home. I keep my fridge at home fully stocked from there. I'm also thinking about having them cater my next birthday. Can't over state it. Sultan's Kitchen is seriously delicious food.

I like both of them

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I go to Kebab House for a quick sandwich or salad -their sandwiches and wraps are much more manageable and their salads are the best deal in the city. I go to Sultan's Kitchen if I want something different, like a plate or something. Both places have good food, but the quality at Sultan's is really above and beyond. You truly get what you pay for there.