Bostonians never far from a Dunkin' Donuts

The other day, Bostonography figured out the density of cemeteries in Boston (no Boston resident is more than 1.77 miles from a cemetery; ironically, the point most distant from a cemetery is the BU theology library). Interesting, but, of course, what any true Bostonian (specifically, Danielle Dreillinger) would really want to know: How far to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts?

The folks at Bostonography dropped everything to work on this pressing question and today report that no Boston resident is more than 1.45 miles from a Dunkin' Donuts - and that most distant point is located at Mt. Benedict Cemetery in farthest, remotest West Roxbury.



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Too Many to Map

By Tim on

Thanks for catching that missing Dunkin', Adam. I had another look... we were missing a few & I wouldn't be surprised if we are still missing some. There may be too many Dunkin' Donuts in the Boston area to fit on a map.

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Well that begs the question then, if the furthest point from a DD is inside a cemetery, what's the furthest point away from a DD or a cemetery?

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As I said

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I'm slightly more than a mile from any of those locations.

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I'm a football field away . . .

. . . from one- at most. Good coffee - and the occasional box of munchkins once in a while is a nice treat. Proud it started here.

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