Early indications: Weekend shuttle-bus service on the Red Line not going so well

Check out this photo by Al Willis of the line for a shuttle bus. The T is bustituting between Kendall and Broadway to allow for installation of a new elevator at Park Street.



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So with the green line to

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So with the green line to lechmere down, there is no train service from Cambridge/Somerville into Boston this weekend? And none of the buses that terminate at Kendall or Lechmere (like the 69) are being changed to extend into Boston? Why can they work on the big dig for 14+ years without closing down 93 but cant replace an elevator on the T without shutting down service?

Because then they might have

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Because then they might have discovered that building I-93 through the middle of the city of Boston was unnecessary and wasteful, in the first place.

Vehicles transiting from N.H. to C.T. would have found that skirting the city works just as well for everything but depositing tailpipe fumes on urban residents.

Commuters from the north and south into Boston would have found alternate routes -- or by golly, they might have even ridden the T and increased ridership.

Sheer and utter disaster!

The height of incompetence

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And so typical of the T. Every time the T runs shuttle busses to and from Kendall, even if just from Park Street to Kendall, it is always disastrous. Always. I recall one time they were running shuttles on a long holiday weekend, due to some sort of repairs at Park Street, and I asked the employee at the Park Street information booth if this would be happening on the holiday Monday as well so I could budget my time accordingly. She replied "I don't know". The INFORMATION desk "didn't know". And Why do six Red Line stations have to be shut down/impacted because one elevator is being installed at Park Street?

Presumably they need to

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Presumably they need to access the electrical infrastructure that powers the third rail. Shutting that down implies that trains must be turned at Kendall.


hmmm - an interesting picture. Given today's forecast I would assume they would wait near the red line entrance, which is sheltered. They look across the street at the base of the Broadway bridge.

Then again, given the way the wind is picking up, I wonder how the elevator install is going, never mind how miserable all the windy wet bustitution victims are...

Broadway Station

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The area adjacent to Broadway Station is under construction and roadway space on Dot Ave at the station is constricted. There are probably no alternatives closer to the station to accommodate the passengers and that would permit traffic to flow through.

With the construction at the

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With the construction at the site of the old Quiet Man Pub, there are barriers surrounding room for a single bus at both stops adjacent to the main headhouse and shelter. It's bad enough on a normal weekday rush hour with the 9, 11 and 47.

Hey datadyne007, do you still

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Hey datadyne007, do you still stand by your post which calls Tufts students stupid for being unhappy about shuttle buses, because you think the buses are faster than the trains they replace?

Yes, I do. I suppose that

Yes, I do. I suppose that they would be even more unhappy if the RL train they happened to be joyously riding derailed, crashed into a wall, and flipped over from the critical leaks that the RL shutdown will be fixing.

The bustitution (for the Park St elevator project) this weekend is much more severe in terms in scope. The upcoming weekend shutdowns only effect the trip between Harvard and Alewife. This weekend all the passengers between Broadway and Kendall (the bulk of the RL's ridership) is effected.

Ok, so now your claim is that

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Ok, so now your claim is that shuttle buses are faster than trains, except between Charles and Broadway. (I'll ignore the irrelevant comment about the disaster scenario -- that has nothing to do with the speed of shuttle buses.)

We'll see what happens next week.