Expiring CharlieCards and what to do about them

The T explains how to extend the life of your CharlieCard.



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    The T's explanation raises

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    The T's explanation raises more questions than it answers.

    How can we figure out if the two-year extension has been applied? Will it change the date in the card info screen?

    Their screenshot shows the same date for the "Card Must Be Used By ... To Keep Card Active", as well as below the Expiration Date heading. But some of my CharlieCards have different dates in those two places. Some differ by as much as 5 years. Which one is the expiration date?

    This expiration date issue is a total programming, publicity, and logistics screw-up.

    Yes, the on-screen expiration date will change

    A T employee e-mailed me late last week to tell me about this. I tapped my Charlie card to a machine, it displayed some text briefly about "downloading updates", and then when I asked for Card/Ticket Info, the expiration date had changed to 10/31/2013.

    CharlieCard extension didn't work for me

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    Does this work for all cards yet? Or is it being phased in for batches of cards?

    I tried tapping each of my cards at a fare vending machine today. I didn't see any notice about an update or download, and the expiration dates haven't changed. The first of my expirations is 12/31/11, so I hope they work this out soon.