Feds: Members of violent JP gang traveled to shooting range to improve their aim

Christian GreenAlleged Mozart gang member Christian Green making his gang sign, from federal affidavit.

Three alleged members of the Mozart Street gang - which has been tied to murders and violence from the Dominican Republic to a Jamaica Plain pizza place - were indicted this week on federal gun charges after they were allegedly observed shooting "three guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition at paper targets in an apparent effort to improve their marksmanship."

Christian Green, Jeffrey Medina and Sherwin Garcia were indicted in US District Court in Boston on charges of being felons in possession of firearms following their arrest on Dec. 22 as they left a shooting range in Salisbury. All three are convicted felons, which makes it illegal for them to handle guns, but police watched them enter and leave a Salisbury shooting range, at which they paid their $333 tab in cash after shooting hundreds of rounds at eight paper targets in two shooting lanes, the indictment alleges, adding they all signed a waiver saying they had no prior felony convictions.

In an affidavit filed against Green, Boston Police Officer Manuel Blas wrote he was surprised when he learned of their trip north:

As a police officer who regularly works in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston, it was disconcerting to watch these three men, each of whom has a criminal record that includes firearms charges or convictions, each of whom was on probation at the time of the Dec. 22 incident, and each of whom I believe to be associated with a violent Boston street gang operating out of the area around Mozart Street in Jamaica Plain, to be trying to improve their marksmanship by using weapons at a public firing range in violation of federal law.

Blas's affidavit provides a lengthy catalog of crime stretching back years on the Mozart Street and Boylston Street gangs that includes drug and gun dealing and armed robbery - as well as violent attacks on each other. Among the more recent battles: A knife and gun fight that left three dead at the Same Old Place on the other end of Jamaica Plain, and a mass shooting on Washington Street in August that sent five to the hospital. Blas wrote:

The information generated about the dispute between Boylston and Mozart (particularly in 2010) is staggering. For example, between July 1 and December 31, 2010, I am advised that [regional crime] analysts concluded that as many as 10 men with ties to Boylston or Mozart Street have been shot and others have been stabbed or attacked and that violence involving these two groups ... has continued.

Because the three indicted men were Mozart associates, Blas's affidavit focuses on them. He wrote that Mozart has dozens of associates, from teenagers to middle-aged men, many of Dominican descent. They often wear Minnesota Twins clothing or other items emblazoned with an "M" and flash gang signs by forming their fingers into an "M." They sometimes wear jewelry emblazoned "JP Inc.," he wrote.



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If it was a range in

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If it was a range in Salisbury then it was Bob's Tactical. I'm licensed and I occasionaly shoot there. My question is how did they get access to the range without proper firearms licenses. Everytime I've ever been there over the last 10 years they've required me to show my license. They've never "not asked me".
Are these gangs making fake gun licenses now!?

is it possible...

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Maybe they did have licenses, and now still have the hard copies even though they have been revoked? I've known people who had their driver's license pulled, but still have an actual license in their possession. It isn't legally valid, obv, but unless someone ran it, who would know?

Never been to a shooting range or dealt with FIDs, so I don't know if my scenario is likely or not.


I've been to the Manchester

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I've been to the Manchester firing range many times and all I've ever had to show was my MA drivers license.


They just take your word for

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They just take your word for it, you only need your license & to sign a concent form.
But whats goin on w/ the OTHER gang ... NONE of them are arrested.

How ridiculous does that

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How ridiculous does that sound!? Why is your question "Are these gangs making fake licenses?" instead of "Who at Bobs Tactical isn't doing their job, resulting in 3 federal indicments?"

jebus this state is backward.

a lengthy catalog of crime stretching back years on the Mozart Street and Boylston Street gangs that includes drug and gun dealing and armed robbery - as well as violent attacks on each other. Among the more recent battles: A knife and gun fight that left three dead at the Same Old Place on the other end of Jamaica Plain

Why aren't they in jail?!?!?!?

Oh yeah, in MA they were released under personal recognizance instead of being punished.

If u would continue to snoop,

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If u would continue to snoop, u would see the next line explains they r not in jail bc they r all dead!


The big I have is...

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Do these guys support the new Whole Foods in JP? I'd be interested in hearing from the vatto vote on this manner.

Yet another example that you friggin hippies in JP who act like it is some sort of Bohemian Latino Utopia being spoiled by corporate whitey to get off your high horses. Whats that verse from Rent:

"Or do you really want a neighborhood
Where people piss on your
Stoop every night?
Bohemia, Bohemia's
A fallacy in your head
This is Calcutta,
Bohemia is dead."

Mozart gangs target practice

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You are so right about the true nature of the picturesque, exotic people in this Bohemian Latino Utopia. The Latino people I know who live here are afraid of the criminals, but don't say anything because it's too dangerous. Then there are the people who defend our glorious diversity, and never seem to realize that the people hanging out on the corners are often very dangerous, and that they usually endanger their fellow Latinos.


Very well.........

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.........put. Hey JP, dont think Subaru windows are bullet proof. And while these guys seem to to be practicing, the random rogue bullet doesn't care that you "care". Corporate America might be scary, but I'd be more scared of some these people you claim add "latin flavor" to your 'hood.


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"I'd be interested in hearing from the vatto vote on this manner."

This fuckin' moron can't even spell his racial slurs correctly!


It was done for the sake of

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It was done for the sake of humor, you silly man. How about this... I hear they are going to open a new Latino themed health food store in JP, it is called "Cholo Foods" - is that better?

I bet you boycotted Shaws because they sell Spic and Span!

Also, I believe Latino is an ethnicity, not a race. Don't harsh my buzz, I am too busy listening to "Sublime."

Convicted felons indicted for

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Convicted felons indicted for being in possesion of firearms at a firing range and Whole Food supporters... what correlation do these two subject matters share?

If the adolescent gang sign

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If the adolescent gang sign posing wasn't associated with guns, you'd laugh at these ass-hats. It reminds me of those other chuckle-heads, the Mafia, Supposedly, after The Godfather came out, leaders of Italian organized crime gangs started demanding their underlings kiss their rings.

Why gangstas should avoid shooting ranges

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Most everyone else at the shooting range is there mainly because they think someday they might have to shoot a gangsta. One of them is gonna drop a dime about suspicious gangstas hanging around.

Holy shit, did they go to

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Holy shit, did they go to Bob's? I went to a range and fired for the first time last Sunday and went to Bob's. They didn't ask for a license, BTW.


Shooting range

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don't need a license to fire guns at Manchester Firing Line. The selection there is really quite awesome. Automatic weapons. I have seen people drive from Quebec just to go shooting. These guys would have never been caught if they went to Manchester Firing Line!!!