Getting all hot and Schweddy

News that Stop & Shop doesn't want to touch Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls is apparently spurring a mini-frenzy among the local Twitterati desperate for fudge-covered rum balls. So here's a (no doubt far from complete) list of local emporia where you can get your hands on some Schweddy Balls:



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They can be itchy

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I picked up some Schweddy Balls at Market Basket in Chelsea and I have to say it's no big deal. I'm a Whopper fan so I figured I'd like this, but the rum flavor isn't particularly strong and there aren't enough Balls -- either chocolate ones or the malted. It's not bad, but a little pricey. If I'm splurging on B&J's it'll be cookie-dough.

Why do I have the urge to talk about teabags?

I like to plunk my Schweddy

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I like to plunk my Schweddy Balls in a glass of milk and let my friends slurp away.

I got one

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Star Market, Beacon St, Somerville


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Lee's Market, intersection of Washington and Comm Ave.

I very much enjoyed buying my pint, but it's not my favorite B&J flavor. But everyone should buy at least one.

They had one pint left at the

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They had one pint left at the 7-Eleven in Cleveland Circle on Friday night, so I bought it. They'll probably get more in eventually.

I just want to note that I am

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I just want to note that I am terribly amused that you didn't list a single place in the South End to get Schweddy Balls.

That is all.

also at B7J's shops

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The "scoop shop" by the Natick Mall has it. Wegmans was sold out as of Sunday. It didn't taste anywhere near as good as I wanted it to, positively bland ice cream with yummy inclusions.


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That's B&J's as in "Ben & Jerry's"

Though I imagine

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that BJs and schweddy balls go hand-in-hand...