Happy Valentine's Day!

What? Too soon? Tell that to the Auburndale Shaw's, where Loriane DiSabato snapped this photo on the 23rd:

Valentine's celebration

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I would think "still" is the more likely situation at that 7 eleven.


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You know, Im not in favor of dumb laws, but really, there should be a law limited this stuff, or the Retailers Association should come down on retailers and have set dates when this crap can appear on shelves.

We had halloween stuff in July
Christmas stuff in September
Swimsuits in February
Lawn Chairs in March

I understand that retailers wanna get every last penny out of folks, but really who's gonna buy a Halloween Costume in July or a Christmas Tree and Wrapping Paper in September? Or a heart shaped boxes of chocolate in December?

bah. Retailers attitude of milking every last dollar out of folks takes the fun out of every holiday.

that's just the thing...

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If no one bought this stuff, it wouldn't be for sale. Someone is buying, because it keeps coming back.

Retailers could care less if

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Retailers could care less if it sat on the shelves for a month before anyone touched it. Manufacturers are pumping seasonal merch. earlier and earlier and retail chains are buying it up when it becomes available.

It's the American Way...

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For some unexplained reason, Americans love living "from holiday to holiday", and are somewhat sheeplike about it. There always has to be some holiday going on, decorations in windows, etc. Even fake holidays like Valentine's Day and yes, Halloween. Wait and see how fast Valentine's Day decorations start appearing in windows of houses. And then Easter.