Heidi Watney learns to pace herself

Today on "What Can We Make Heidi Eat?" the NESN stadium reporter was pushed in front of some garlic fries and a chocolate-cherry shake in Anaheim. Unlike in Texas, where she was ordered to eat a four-pound pretzel, Watney took only a nibble of one fry and what looked like maybe a teaspoon of the shake.

She also denied, again, that she was gagging when presented with fried chicken and waffles in Cleveland, only laughing at a joke by her cameraman, but neither Remy nor Orsillo appeared to believe her.

Can't keep up with what Heidi's eating? Don't worry. Phoenix Music Editor Michael Marotta is tracking her every on-air bite on What Will Heidi Watney Eat Today?



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    Brockton? Figures. She must

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    Brockton? Figures. She must be low single digits on the Civil Service exam.


    I haven't a clue what your comment has to do with this blog entry.

    Oh crap

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    The TV drivel has followed me to the Internet. I can't escape.