In his house at F'enway, dead Shaughnessy waits dreaming

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    Had no idea we had a

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    Had no idea we had a Lovecraft fan in charge. Awesome.

    gotta plug a couple of my fave Lovecraft webcomics

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    Jason Thompson has been adapting Lovecraft's works for years, and they are beautiful. He just finished his online adaptation of Celephais. He is currently trying to get a Kickstarter project funded so he can offer his larger collection of work in printed form, including the award winning and long-out-of-print adaptation of Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, He also illustrated Leia Weathington's The Legend of Bold Riley: The Serpent in the Belly.

    And I also will mention the best of the Lovecraft-inspired comics - Larry Latham's Lovecraft is Missing, which just started up again after a summer-long hiatus. Great story and art - and an amazingly rich blog on all things Lovecraftian.

    Good Call

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    Shank's writing is, come to think of it, rather loathsome, nightmarish, and non-Euclidean. And Bob knows it's driven some to madness. It all makes sense now.

    That explains...

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    ....the hair. It's actually a madness-inducing writhing mass of coiled, slimy tentacles from another world. In fact it's SO unspeakable, we can't discuss it any further for fear of unleashing unholy horrors upon the world.

    It's at times like this

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    That I really, really miss "Jurassic Carl" Everett. Everett and the CHB truly deserved each other.