His roots are showing


Dana Reichman Gitell spotted this guy just standing there in Dedham this morning.



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A while back, Building 19 had gotten hold of a large number

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of new unused prisoner garb. As the story goes, some county in Georgia sold them a shipment of the stuff, instead of issuing it to their cons, because the pants were a different shade of orange than the shirts were.

IIRC, a prisoner's rights group forced Jerry Ellis to retract his "Now You Can Dress Like Cousin Merle" flyer announcing the sale of the stuff.

If the uniforms are still available from Building 19, it seems to me it would be a simple matter to add "Whitey" with some stick on lettering.

rock on building 19

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Ah, Building 19... best fashion deals in town, as always. And the best advertising.


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