How about a fistfight in the middle of the Longfellow to settle it?

The Herald reports Cambridge is developing its own benefits package to try to keep Vertex in Cambridge, rather than letting it flee to South Boston - such as municipal "financing incentives."

"Cambridge is ready to go toe-to-toe," the Herald quotes Councilor Leland Cheung. Cheung, you may remember, was the guy who helped organize a Boston/Cambridge summit on ways to work together to develop the regional economy. Hmm, Cheung has youth on his side, but Menino has a few pounds on him, not to mention a lot more bare-knuckles experience.



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I picture an sterotyped

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I picture an sterotyped battle of epic proportions. An aging scrawny granola eating hippy versus a a burly union brawler.

Cambridge can have them all

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When will voters learn? Especially after debacles like Evergreen Solar, which owes the state tens of millions of dollars that it was given to stay in-state...and then they jumped ship to China after breaking promise after promise?