If anybody should be blamed for outing the Icelandic connection, it's the FBI

Dan Kennedy analyzes the Globe's explanation on how it found the identity of the woman who turned in Bulger and why it didn't put her at any more risk than she already faced - thanks to the FBI saying a few months ago that the winning tip came from Iceland and, really, how many Icelanders would Bulger and Grieg have run across in Santa Monica? Also, he recalls how the rampaging Herald kept mocking the Icelandic connection until it got showed up on basic street reporting (the Globe got the name by talking to neighbors, doh).



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I dunno...

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If I knew I had the 411 on someone as notorious as Whitey Bulger, I might move to somewhere like Iceland too before I dropped a dime on him.

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My Sentiments Exactly...

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I thought about that when they mentioned it initially. The population of Iceland is only about 320k. How many of those folks might have lived/visited Santa Monica long enough to connect with the couple?

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