If Heidi Watney can do it, so can Bobby Valentine

Rappelling Watney

From the archives of the Boston Fire Department comes this photo of Heidi Watney rapppeling down a 22-story building in downtown Boston this summer. Awesome as the photo is all by itself, it gains added relevancy when we read that Brian Cashman has challenged Bobby Valentine to rappel down a similarly storied building in Stamford.

Daily News link via BostInnovation, where they make the time to read the out-of-town papers.



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You must be both new to Boston (ie: post-September) and/or new to U-Hub, since Adam has written about her many times over the past year (click on the "Heidi Watney" tab just below the picture for tagged articles). Either way, welcome!

That's the last nice thing anyone will say to you as a newbie, ever, so good luck... ;-)