If only Uncle Billy or Diogenes had lived in East Boston

Boston Police are praising an East Boston man who turned in a bag of cash he found lying in the snow the other day.

Police say Ryan Lee headed to District A-7 with the bag, which contained $2,000 - and a slip identifying it as belonging to a local gas station.

"It is nice to know that there are HONEST people living in the East Boston community," A-7 said in a statement.

Thanks, citizen!



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      Guilt of a guy losing his job over your new iPads

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      Could you really use your new iPads without always thinking about the poor schlub who lost his job because you needed the $2000 more?

      "I don't understand how this thing works...I'll have to read the manual......omg, I bet his name was Manuel...*cry*"

      Of course I'd turn the bag back in to the gas station!

      If he gave me a reward for turning it in, I'd give him the remaining $500 back too.


      They need money and deserve

      They need money and deserve the money they earn just like you do at whatever your job is. I don't see why "gas station" warrants a maybe. It's actually pretty sad that you even made this post.


      I read it the opposite way.

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      I read the comment exactly the opposite way, as in, "If I found money I would probably not return it, but if I saw that it belonged to a hard-working, legitimate business like a gas station, then maybe I would."


      Thank you so much

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      for your comment on my moral fiber or lack thereof. I'll keep that in mind if I ever want to judge your values.


      You should return money hands

      You should return money hands down regardless of who it belongs to. You can't blame me for (allegedly) "misinterpreting" your post when you say things like "gas station... maybe" and "be truthful." I remember we've fought in the past too over the way you've worded things.

      The point is that there shouldn't even be any question. It doesn't matter who lost it. They deserve it back, whether it's a biogen CEO, a gas station owner, or your own brother.


      Again, thank you for your comment

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      as a 49 year old man, I'm glad I have you to teach me right and wrong. As a boy I guess all of those beatings the nuns at Sacred Heart gave me just didn't stick. Now can you tell me how I'm supposed to feel about the 2 wars, abortion, Chuck Turner and the situation in Egypt?

      The Age Card

      Oh, you win. You played the age card! That still doesn't change the fact that you might be dishonest about it. If you ever ran for office, you could count out my vote.

      The sad thing is that society expects the exact opposite to be the case: for the young kid to steal it and for the adult to responsibly return it.


      "good to know"

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      Thats a pretty shitty thing for BPD to say, as if until now they had no reason to think anyone honest lived in East Boston. If this had happenend in the Back Bay they wouldn't have said it. It reveals a disdain the police have for the people of the commmunity.

      Shitty...or honest?

      East Boston - knife-wielding criminals

      Back Bay - not knife-wielding criminals

      What honest person wouldn't have disdain for one and not the other?


      Stupid or lame?

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      East Boston: Man turns in $2,000 in cash.

      Back Bay: Man smashes guy in head for not turning over laptop at BPL.


      please read your own reporting

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      WRONG: The guy who smashed the other one for a laptop was NOT from the Back Bay, as you yourself reported:

      Boston Police report Joseph Whalen, 66, of Yarmouth, was arrested for allegedly striking a man in the back of the head with a pocketknife yesterday afternoon outside the BPL main library in Copley Square.

      True, but ...

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      It happened in the Back Bay. As far as we know, nobody was bashed in the head for a laptop in East Boston recently.


      C'mon Adam, it's Will...

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      By now, we all know what he really means:

      East Boston = brown people

      Back Bay = not brown people

      You're right

      East Boston does have a larger percentage of brown people than Back Bay.



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      ...he's implying that your glibly equating East Boston with knife wielding criminals and Back Bay with non-knife wielding criminals, based on apparently no relation to actual crime statistics for the two neighborhoods means that you are implying that certain racial/ethnic groups are more prone to knife violence than others.

      Sounds to me like he's calling you a bigot.



      Remember what happened when Gordon Brown used that word? I think we need to tone down our language here...

      hey now

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      I just said that the other guy seemed to be calling him a bigot, not me. I just called him a dick. And unlike Mr. Brown, I don't think anyone here is running for office...I mean they wouldn't want to be quoted saying something idiotic.

      Hey, all races do it

      Name any nationality or race, and I'm sure that at least one person with ancestors from that country has stabbed somebody in Boston.

      And yes, certain races stab people more than others in Boston. I'd like to have stats to back that up, but I feel safe as going on the record as saying that some races stab people more than others. Maybe it's white folks that are the culprit.

      And yes, I hope to run for City Council, and I stand by everything that I've said here. Am I a bigot? Possibly, but by the definition of "bigot" offered here, I'd say I'm no different than many people. We all think about these things. Guess I'm the only one with the courage to speak about how I truly feel. Doesn't mean I'll act to disenfranchise people if I'm elected.

      It doesn't matter what crosses my mind about "brown people" stabbing people, there's not much I can do to stop that. Maybe I can work on city ordinances regarding knife possession or meet with the police chief to determine the best strategy for keeping these people off the streets, but beyond that, I can't as a city councilor put people in jail or kick them out of the city or country, no matter how much I thump my chest about that.


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      I bet there's not one case of a Bhutanese immigrant (or descendant thereof) in Boston stabbing someone. Now what do I win?

      (yeah..you go google that one motherf'er.)

      By the by, we already had a thread on the ambiguous use of the third person plural pronouns ... you don't want people to go all eeka on yer ass.

      I can't take you people anywhere!

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      *sigh*, I don't check UHub for, what, 12 hours, and I come back and my ass is plastered all over the place?



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      If you're going to invent the practice of "going all eeka," I'm going to at least lay down some ground rules and use this to my advantage. First of all, everyone wishing to engage in this will need to replace all of their black pens with blue ones, preferably gel pens. It just looks so much nicer than icky ball-point, and the blue stands out on forms and things. Oh, and manual transmission cars. Gotta have those. Finally, and most importantly, free and plentiful caffeine for everyone. Hmm, this could get fun, having minions...


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      A quick check of BPD's stats comparing Jan-Feb6 2010 to the same period in 2011 for the two districts (A7 - Eastie, D4-Back Bay):
      (1st number is in 2010, 2nd in 2011)

      Homicide | Rape | Robbry | AggAss | Burg | Larceny | CarTheft

      A7 0/0 | 0/1 | 16/12 | 18/5 | 17/15 | 55/30 | 19/8
      D4 0/0 | 3/4 | 37/22 | 31/15 | 22/40 | 342/234 | 17/15

      The number of people involved in the two districts is obviously very different, but on the whole I see no indication that Eastie is unsafe and warrants your comment. Dick.



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      Please don't bring attention to the fact that southie and eastie are safer than the back bay!

      /Signed, A happy renter.

      Hey now

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      You don't have to bring anyone's AggAss into this.

      I disagree completely

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      I'm sure you're misreading the police comment. I think it's a standard comment issued when someone finds money and returns it in the town of $X: there is a photo op with the mayor or the police chief, who says, "I'm delighted to see that we have honest people living in $X". Doesn't matter if $X is East Boston or Weston; they pretty much always say the same thing.

      perhaps you're projecting...

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      I didn't get the impression that it was a negative comment at all, but then again, I don't have any negative pre-conceived notions about Eastie. Maybe you've lived there and have other impressions -- I thought it was great the cops were honoring this guy's honesty and that there was no disrespect aimed at East Boston.

      Reply To "Good To Know", And To Two Anons Just Above

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      By publicizing the nice and selfless deed, it encourages like behavior by showing that not all good action goes unrecognized or unrewarded.

      At least, I think it's that simple. The "honest" in big bold letters tends to skew one's appreciation of that possibility, but I think that was probably just an unfortunate literary miscalculation on the part of the person who wrote it up.



      It's a . . .

      . . . Norman Rockwell type story- kid finds bag of money not his- turns it into local police who shake his hand and take a photo with him- classic type feel good story. No other comment to make in my mind.

      He's cute

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      I'd hit it