It's painful to watch grown men in the media throw tantrums

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Wah, poor Howie Carr is upset Scott Brown went to "60 Minutes" to shill his book instead of to him.

Wah, poor Mike Andelman at the Phantom Gourmet is upset a hostess at Grill 23 wouldn't seat him and his fellow Phantom Gourmet'er before the dining room opened:

It's 5 o'clock, and guess what, if the owner of Grill 23 was standing next to this dumb hostess, this moronic hostess who was just getting her, uh, jollies off by sticking to the rules of her little brochure in a little binder, this little monkey, her only job is to look at this binder and say don't let people in 'till 5:30. ...

Dan: Although in her defense she was good-looking apparently. I'd like to see a picture. Was she wearing yoga pants? These are things I want to know. I have a thing for hostesses.



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    Ah, the Andelman brothers!

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    Local winners of The Lucky Gene Pool contest. They all share the same middle name: "Thanks Dad!".

    I had forgotten the Upper Crust connection. They shilled for those pigs for years, than made a point to shill even louder when the outfit got busted for, uhm, ignoring basic labor law and screwing their illegal immigrant workers out of thousands!

    We can all pray that when Papa Eddie, the only one of the clan with even a modicum of talent, passes that the brothers Andelman will all fall into Tedeschi family-like fratricide. Can't wait until that one hits the Herald.

    If I were the Himmel Group,

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    If I were the Himmel Group, I'd ban the family from my rsetaurants. They should know better.

    Was the hostess black?

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    Mike Andelman should lose his job for calling her a monkey.

    Given the recent Upper Crust

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    Given the recent Upper Crust fiasco, I was on the fence about whether to keep watching Phantom Gourmet. But after this incredibly disrespectful attitude towards restaurant staff and policies (I've been a host AND a server), I will no longer be giving Phantom Gourmet my attention, and will make it a point to inform people what a bunch of assholes the Andelman brothers are.

    For shame, Andelmans!

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    I enjoyed watching the Phantom on Sunday mornings to get ideas for lunch, but this is terrible. This is biting the hand that feeds you in so many ways. Just awful, guys. Really disappointed you would act that way and then have the gall to whine about it on the RADIO.
    I hope you want to shill Kias for Ernie Boch Jr. the rest of your lives— crapping on the industry that brought you to micro-celebrity status isn't likely to appreciate your dumping on its professional staff.

    hypocrite howie

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    In one breath Howie is whining how Scott Brown gave his big story to 60 Minutes instead of him and in the next he is equating Scott Brown's molestation story to Glee as stories he thinks the media will cover instead of the oh, so important story of state budget trouble in Wisconsin.

    Yes, Howard did actually belittle the news his former hero Sen Brown was molested as a child and equate it with the unimportance of Glee album sales:

    Howie is basically soulless scum. This is not news, but it is truly sad he retains an important perch in the local news scene.

    Degradation of Women

    Adam- Thank you for posting this and helping to raise awareness about the horrific, insulting comments made by the Andelmans. It's amazing how many, lemming-like 'phans' turn a blind eye to the disdainful comments made by these guys.

    Here's another little gem from Mike Andelman on the 2/12 radio segment:

    There’s not a hostess who’s not good-looking, because they’re incompetent and can’t do anything else in life. If you can’t model, when you’re good-looking enough and not tall enough to model, you stand behind a little box and say, How many?

    If they don't issue a thorough, public apology soon, I'm going to publish a need post calling for one.

    The 'bite the hand that feeds you' comment nails it. Appalling.

    Horrific? Degradation of

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    Horrific? Degradation of women? Get a grip, Andrea Dworkin.

    Those pretty, rail-thin hostesses get their jobs because restaurant managers discriminate against anyone who doesn't fit the part. How many 160 lb. hostesses are there in downtown restaurants? Those girls get their jobs because someone else has been discriminated against. And it's been going on in the business since forever.

    Hey anon

    Would it would be horrific and degrading if a customer called your daughter a moron and a monkey for doing her job?

    I can think of at least five

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    I can think of at least five restaurants, two of which most people would consider expensive fine dining, with hostesses who are not exactly svelte. Personality is as important as looks. Triple that number if floor managers are included.

    Also, I take exception to your insinuation that a female weighing 160 lbs cannot be dressed appropriately and well-made.

    I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but you make it sound like it's the norm.

    (Personally, I like walking into a restaurant where it looks like the hostesses actually eat food. Who wants a bag of bones rattling around, stinking up the joint with their puke breath anyways?)

    Is this like those CraigsList

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    Is this like those CraigsList w4m ads that consist mainly of asserting that the poster is "real" woman, not like those loathsome imitation women who are slender?

    You also just insinuated that

    You also just insinuated that any girl who look svelte is anorexic and only thin because she spend her time puking everything.

    Looks matter, it is not fair, but a girl with a high enough BMI isn't going to look as good and is going to hurt her. Studies have came out (and to show that I'm not pulling this out of my ass, here's a 2 second google search that even when we try to be fair, we subconsciously biased against those who are overweight. For the greater majority, and probably you too, our disposition will be better for a girl thin and fit girl than an overweight one. If a 160 pound girl still looks presentable, I'm pretty sure that by 180, she's not going to be able to hide it no matter what make-up or clothing.

    Though, at the same time, I'm not claiming that restaurants are only hiring thin girls. I seen not so thin girls working at restaurants, though I haven't really want to any really fine dining areas so far. But the counterpoint of seeing 5 anecdotal restaurants doesn't prove him wrong. Nor how much you take exception that of the 160 pound hostess.

    I seen not so thin girls

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    I seen not so thin girls working at restaurants ...

    Learn your words, and then I won't write off your entire diatribe.


    You have patience

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    I dropped it after "Studies have came out..."

    I gave a link to show that

    I gave a link to show that I'm not just trying to pull stuff out if my ass. If you have a problem with what I said, point out why the study is flawed. Or why citing studies is reason why you should stop reading.

    I'm actually am open to hear a rebuttal, if you actually write one.

    Apologies for leaving an

    Apologies for leaving an important word out. I meant to write, "l have seen not so thin girls."

    Now like I said below, how about addressing the arguement?

    I was going to joke that this

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    I was going to joke that this comment was made by Dan Andelman, but I'm sure he has no idea who Andrea Dworkin is.

    Someone had a thought (?)

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    Someone had a thought (?) about her though. The google cache of her wiki reads that she "was an American radical feminist and fat whale best known for her criticism of pornography ..."

    So you judge by appearance

    ... without any substantive critique of her writings and arguments.

    Nice. Much easier that way for you, though.

    You don't know if the anon

    You don't know if the anon have sampled some of her writing and arguments or not.

    Though even if he didn't, I can see his point is the radical feminist tendency to call out as a victim. Even if she might be an exception (though reading Wikipedia, it doesn't seem to be supporting that). Now I hope I don't have to go hunting for a list of what the radical feminist demands from society to substantiate the my point that the anon's point that the poster before is crying out discrimination like a radical feminist would by any slight against a person that happens to be a woman.

    Swirly, uh, I implore you to

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    Swirly, uh, I implore you to flush it.

    Did you even read what I actually wrote (not what I quoted)? The fact that I said, "Someone had a thought (?)" should infer quite fucking easily that I disagreed with the "idea" that was posted on her Wiki page.

    Cripes. Eat a carrot or something.

    "phantom" indeed

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    I'm pretty sure I saw a vehicle with vinyl graphics on the side loudly proclaiming it to be the phantom gourmet.

    Doesn't seem terribly surreptitious to me...

    that is the production

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    that is the production vehicle....they have shot at a place i worked at.

    A few things about the phantom

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    -Those previously conjoined Andlemen triplets are still hanging onto their father's name and rep, as well as sucking up to Ernie Boch Jr, they really are like three well trained baboons

    -David Robichaud was the best Phantom Host ever (I wish I had his interview asking the owner of Strega what he would serve various mafia characters as a meal, and the answer was basically pasta for them all)

    -I was at Grill 23 with my wife for Valentine's day - we arrived at 5:10, they seated us at 5:18...and I didn't have to name drop, I asked if we could sit down and they said sure.

    And that is Phan-tastic dining!

    1. That's about as much

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    1. That's about as much respect for workers one can expect from the members of the "jobs Americans won't do" crowd. 2.the likelihood of saying dumb things go up rather dramatically when ad libing on radio, esp. I imagine when joshing with one's brothers. I don't listen to or care for the Phantoms but I imagine that that exchange is indicative of their style and part of their draw. 3. what man wouldn't prefer being served by a pretty young woman rather than a not so pretty young woman? .

    Why do people watch Phantom

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    Why do people watch Phantom anyway? They sling bad food. Anytime I happen to be channel surfing all I see on the table in front of them is nasty food. How many times can you review fried foods, pizza and hamburgers?

    As for being svelte and good looking none of them make the cut so I think they should take a look in the mirror before making comments on someone elses apperance.