In the line of Call of Duty

The line at midnight in Coolidge Corner for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

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you can get tickets off torrents now?

For shame

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I thought Brookline was a liberal, humanistic, peace-loving town. Can't they do something to prevent this store from selling a violent, blood-thirsty video game involving guns to corrupt our young? For shame.

A couple years back . . .

. . . I was housebound for a few weeks due to an injury and I got "Fallout 3" on my PC. I must have spent 5 straight days playing that game. At the end though- I felt profoundly depressed at all the time I had wasted. I don't know- these video games now- with the 3D and graphics and multi-player features . . . they are so engrossing and all encompassing that I could see people just getting lost in them for years and one day waking up and asking themselves- where did my 20's go?

In my day of Intellevision and Atari- we would play those simple games for hours at a time- but we did eventually get bored and go outside. These games however? One could loose themselves for days playing them and actually do themselves physical harm from the lack of good food and fresh air.

Words with Friends and Angry Birds on the Ipad are enough for me.

Same could be said

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for TV. Or Movies.

I'm a gamer, but I watch very little TV besides sports and comedy. I prefer those engrossing, plot heavy games to most boring and annoying popcorn flicks.

It's just a different medium of entertainment.

Still, waiting in line for hours at midnight to get something you can grab on the way home from work is crazy. Waiting in line for any cheap consumer goods is wrongheaded and a sign of our sick consumerist culture.


- I guess so- I just think they are a bit too entertaining if that is possible.