Man DOA at South Station on bus from New Hampshire

Foul play is not suspected in the death of a Scottsdale, AZ man whose body was found in the lavatory of a Boston Express bus from Londonderry, NH that pulled into South Station around 9 last night, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The DA's office says the man, 29, apparently entered the lavatory early in the trip. Workers at South Station had to force the door open.

An autopsy is planned.



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    Out of curiosity, do you

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    Out of curiosity, do you think it's idiotic to release the names of homicide victims or that it's idiotic to withhold the names of people who commit suicide, overdose on prescribed or illicit drugs, succumb to private medical conditions in a public area, or otherwise die in a manner that provides no foundation for a public legal proceeding?


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    "lavatory oStation"? Is that Irish?

    Get that man some coffee!!

    No get me back my phone's old OS

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    Gah: Posted that while waiting for a bus. My phone updated itself thus morning and it has some changes in the way it handles text input. Stupid phone.

    Right, it is your phone's

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    Right, it is your phone's fault that you are an abject failure at proofreading.

    Oh, my god!

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    That's scary.


    I'm actually surprised that such sad events don't happen more often.

    jon voight..

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    was seen fleeing the scene in a Chrysler Le Baron.

    As though...

    ...we need another reason never to use a toilet on a bus.

    T -twilight zone

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    A man enters a crowded bus utilizes the lavatory and ends up dead. Why does everything that happens on the "T" sounds like Rod Serling is doing the narration. The x-files did a story on the MBTA years ago and that story was more plausible than this tale.

    That's not all

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    A fellow by the name of Charlie was trapped in a trolley, back in the 40s, and never escaped.

    submitted for your approval...

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    ..a little boy can wish anything into being, like iPhone apps, and wait-time displays on the platforms. But will it make him happy? If not, he'll wish you away into the cornfield, like Jeff Mullan.

    (As DOT chief he should stay away from airports and those helicopter blades...apologies to Vic.)