Maybe the stickers are what's holding the car together

Bumpa stickahsBumpa stickahs

Charles McEnerney spotted this car in Coolidge Corner today.



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It may have been spotted in Coolidge Corner, but it has to be a Cambridge vehicle.

noooo, these are all heavy

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noooo, these are all heavy metal band stickers. for a proper cambridge car, those need to be all green party/left-wing cause stickers. you know, to let people know how progressive a subaru driver you are.

Maybe they should look at the sticker on the top right corner

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Maybe the stickers are holding the car together. But who ever owns it should pay more attention to the license plate. The plate has been expired since Aug of 11. So they are driving around with an expired registration. Maybe the cops are too busy looking at all the stickers on the vehicle.


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That car is bound for the Gaza Strip.

Not true

Bonerama is a jazzy-funky rock band from New Orleans, which features lots of trombones. Not evenly remotely like any sort of havy metal.


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A lot of these are apolitical bands, like (Starting from the top left) Dysentery, Dark Castle, Sexcrement, Revocation, Saint Vitus, Morbid Angel, Unearthly Trance, Brutal Truth (Actually left-leaning, even you should know this, Antifa), Dragged Into Sunlight, Yob, Malignancy, Bloodsoaked, and Avulsed. Even though I haven't heard some of the others, I can probably guarantee that most of them are no where near NSBM. Nice try, buddy. Shouldn't you be occupying something?

T. Rex is on there too

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They are from the 70s and have nothing to do with NSBM, which didn't exist then. Great band.

No way

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Saint Vitus has members of Death in June and Trashmop. DONUT SUPPORT! ANd what does any of this have to do with Skyrim???


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He needs an INVERTICRUX sticker on that car. LISTEN TO MY I MEAN OUR CD DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!1111