It's now a three-way race for Dorchester council seat

Marty HoganHoganMarty Hogan, who once ran for an at-large city-council seat, says he is running this year for the District 3 seat now held by Maureen Feeney.

Hogan, who ran citywide in 2007, joins Feeney and 2009 at-large candidate Doug Bennett, also making a run for a district seat this time.

Hogan says his campaign will focus on city budget reform, because the city is spending "lavishly." One area where Hogan would not cut, however, is in crime fighting - he says crime is "spiraling out of control." He adds he would oppose cuts in school and fire funding.

Hogan is a South Boston native who now lives in Ashmont. An IT consultant, Hogan is also president of the Dorchester Day Parade and sits on the board of the Dorchester Symphony Orchestra.

Feeney, who was first elected in 1993, has said that this next run will most likely be her last.



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So where would he cut?

No police dept cuts, check. No fire dept cuts, check. No school budget cuts, check.

Um, what does that leave? Trash collection at City Hall?


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schools and public safety represent 60% of the budget - even if you could cut 20% of the rest - that's only 8% across the board - and with collective bargaining and a host of other things - there's not much discrection short term. If only it were that easy.

Eliminate busing and we would

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Eliminate busing and we would save millions in the budget that could be used for other things. Hmmm... maybe like keeping schools open and not laying off more teachers, police and firefighters! How important is our children's education? How many more homicides need to happen before they wake up? City Hall is a train wreck waiting to happen!

How would more schools ...

save money?

The only way you can make this work is to open schools across the city in a regular pattern. The reason that doesn't work is ... money!

Doug Bennett is a bad joke.

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Maybe this umpteenth loss will convince him that he will never be elected to anything.

I've met Doug Bennett . . .

. . . Seems like an OK guy. But I have a visceral dislike of Rudy G out of NYC. And I wouldn't vote for him just because of that picture.

Yes Doug seems like a nice

Yes Doug seems like a nice guy but was so inexcusably unprepared for a forum/debate held at Franklin Park Clubhouse for the last election that he was actually laughed at (not with) in his response to a simple T question.

This ain't Bill & Ted's Excellent City Council. Do your homework.

Along those lines I'll be quite interested to hear Marty flesh out some of his Tea Party ideas...

Crime is spiraling out of control?

I'd like to see some numbers that actually back that up. (Protip: they don't exist.)

Maybe if we started running campaigns based on real facts, and not the Fox 25 Scare the Crap Out of You News, we'd actually get somewhere.

Is it a three-way race? The

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Is it a three-way race? The Reporter has said that Maureen Feeney has yet to declare her candidacy for re-election.