New loco look for MBTA

New MBTA locomotive

MBTA locomotives that will start rolling into town from an Idaho factory in late 2012 will look like this, the T announced today. Of some 14,000 votes cast over the past two weeks by visitors to the MBTA Web site, half chose this paint scheme, which adds black to the traditional silver, purple and yellow.



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    It's the magic number.

    Dat Logo

    The T logo is just too large... I mean, seriously?! #2 was the same thing as this one but with a NORMAL logo. Why would you choose this mutant logo?

    I'm with you

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    I'll bet most of the "voters" didn't even notice the difference between the two similar choices - ahhh - design by committee of 14,000.

    Will say - the T has one of the coolest paint schemes of any RR in the country - save perhaps for Phoenix with their red, yellow and black roadrunner painted down the side of the train. Not bad - but they could definitely shrink the logo (which itself is historic, but a tad boring).

    I did notice the LARGE T

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    And that was the charm of it. Why hide who you are? Are you not proud to be THE T?

    Me too

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    I specifically picked that one *because* it had the largest T logo.

    think you're right

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    sorry bout that - I should know better.

    As for the big T - kinda surprised - but hey if that's what the people want - then OK. Personally I think it should have been on above the lightning stripe or completely contained in it - not cutting into the lightning stripe. One man's opinion - maybe we can give the system a new nickname - The Big T

    AMA request

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    They had to make the logo louder for the deaf.

    Terrible design

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    I'm a fan of the huge logo as well, (the paint scheme not so much, I'm still partial to the experimental maroon and silver trial they did back in the day) but the design of the actual locomotive is IMO greatly disappointing.

    When I first heard MPI got the contract I was extremely excited, this is the same company that built the two locomotives we just bought from Utah. Gorgeous pieces of industrial design. Now we've got this thing, which looks like the McMansion version of an engine. I'm sure it will run just fine, but they really couldn't put it into prettier packaging?


    Could have been a cost issue? Curved surfaces are more expensive to make and more expensive to repair. The brutal/angular nose could have been a cheaper build option.

    It doesn't look too bad. It's

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    It doesn't look too bad. It's about time MBTA ordered new equipment,those GP40MCs are long overdue for retirement(and weren't originally designed for passenger train use anyway.