No port in the storm for morons?

Donna Halper reports that at the height of the storm, Channel 4 put a guy on with a live report from hard-hit Douglas:

At first, he started giving what sounded like a reasonable eye-witness report, but then he said everything sounded like "Baba-booey, baba-booey." They cut him off immediately, but again, it shows that putting callers on the air live without first vetting them (in a crisis, that's hard to do) can lead to problems. Btw, I had no idea Howard Stern's prank callers were still out there. Stupid people-- I mean, it's a time of an emergency, people are eager to get the latest weather, and this joker takes advantage of the situation. Sad.



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Better then NECN

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They we're cutting out to commercials while a freaking tornado was on the ground!

Granted, one 30 second one, but dude. Really? It's a freaking emergency and information means lives saved. SKIP THE FREAKING COMMERCIALS FOR A FEW HOURS.

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I'm kind of surprised the

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I'm kind of surprised the Stern prank callers are still out there too. Their better exploits were always a little more intelligent in that they were implicitly critical of media obsession with trivial things like OJ Simpson's slow speed chase.

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Even on the networks...

Not having made the leap through the digital TV conversion, I am blessed by not getting to watch too much local news.

However, I have noticed a great increase on the very stripped down network news department relying increasingly on grainy, cell phone videos. I imagine that they are picking up video from local news directors.

At this point, I think most "alleged news" producers are simply looking to find content for their shows.

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I'm still trying to figure

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I'm still trying to figure out if the sound that was made was 'BZ overdubbing his voice or its what the guy said.

Or what COULD have been said that was vulgar. I have a mouth of a trucker and I'm still scratching my head.

Sad thou that the station interrupted Todd to have this guy on the air and he does crap like this.

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