Not such a grape idea, was it, buddy?

Wicked Local Allston/Brighton reports a man was nabbed at the self-checkout line at the Western Avenue Shaw's hitting the banana price for the red grapes he'd put on the scale.



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10yrs min

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give him 10yrs of hard labor without parole for trying to undermine our economical system. turn him into a poster boy.

$28 difference?

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Stop And Stop is selling Red Grapes at $2/lb conventional, $3/lb organic, according to peapod.

Even if bananas were 50 cents a pound, that'd be well over 10 pounds of grapes.

Why does that not seem right?

$2+ worth of grapes!!

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They go for $1+ per pound. That must have been over 14 pounds of grapes!! No wonder he was noticed!

Big theft

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It's a sign of the times. Desparate people take desperate measures. Let's try to catch the billion dollar crooks first shall we?

Don't make excuses for

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Don't make excuses for criminal behavior. There's plenty of food banks and government largess for the hungry.

A 28 year old student? Did I

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A 28 year old student?
Did I read that right in the original article?
Twenty eight?
Med school? Or professional student?
Prosecute to the full extent of the law.

Good parallel

This guy got arrested for switching something expensive for something cheap, thus paying less than he should have. There were about 20 businesses and business owners identified in today's Globe for running the same scam from the other end, secretly switching products in order to charge people more. Will they be arrested for fraud and larceny as well?