Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like raw meat

Valentine's meat

At the West Roxbury Shaw's, which also had a heart-shaped shrimp ring for two (it came with two small containers of cockatail sauce).



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    I think it's "cock-tail sauce".

    Pretty self-explanatory Valentine's Day tradition.


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    I have been trying to celebrate that for ages, but the GF always seems to forget it.


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    That's what you think.

    Heart Stew

    My mother used to make beef heart stew, because it was cheap meat. She would put it in the pressure pot for, like, three hours so you could almost chew it.


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    next to steak?!

    And cupcakes

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    But don't worry, it's a refrigerated display (by the left entrance). And the steaks (and shrimp) are obviously hermetically sealed.

    Lumpers and splitters

    The Chestnut Hill Shaw's had the heart-shaped shrimp ring in the meat & seafood section, and the Valentine's cookies, cakes, and cupcakes near the bakery section. I didn't see any heart-steaks, but I didn't spend any time in the meat department.

    I guess different Shaw's have different Valentine's Day marketing strategies. West Roxbury apparently prefers to lump all the hearts & flowers into one convenient display whereas Chestnut Hill prefers to split the goods, guaranteeing shoppers a constant bombardment of V-day products. Perhaps lumping is geared toward a "grab it and go" shopping approach, and splitting is aimed at the "browse and gather" technique: Valentine's Day simplified for both hunters and gatherers.

    I won't . . .

    . . . make that mistake again. T-bones in a heart shaped package, for some weird reason, don't seem to go over to well.

    And if you haven't got your flowers by now- your only option is a convenience store plastic rose. And good luck with that- it doesn't work.