Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide for Gloucester man accused of theft

Dude faces arraignment in East Boston District Court this morning on charges he stole US and foreign currency from an Icelandair flight attendant - in midflight, over Greenland - then locked himself in a lavatory and flushed the greenbacks down the toilet, Channel 4 reports:

Ground crews at Logan Airport retrieved the missing cash from the flight's storage tanks.




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How Symbolic?

Was he sort of randomly inspired to flush US Currency down the toilet after seeing Iceland's recent revolution?

Yes, revolution. It wasn't televised ... but accounts are available on the web:

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SwirlyGirl, I have to say that is one sloppily written article. After I read it and the comments that followed, I went looking for other accounts/sources, and discovered that this one story has been all over the interwebs and back, and created a lot of controversy.

There's some very cogent rebuttals out there of pretty much everything in the original article. Here's a good english-language one from The Reykjavík Grapevine.

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Good link

Interesting to see the author (and translator from an Italian source) of the other article apologizing for screwing up in the Grapevine article comments. ;~}

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This is an interesting story that seems to have no press - good to have a good link for it. I suspect that language barriers contribute ... and the "bankrupt" didn't make sense in any formal way (I did check with an Icelandic colleague before spreading it around, though)

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