Oh, nuts

Wicked Local Allston/Brighton reports a Brighton man thought he'd do a dying squirrel a favor and give him "a dignified death" by putting him in a tree. The squirrel's last act was to bite the man.

Ed. note: This story proves the old adage: When dog bites man, that's not news, but when dying squirrel bites man, now that's a story. Especially when, as Wicked Local notes, the man is unmarried.



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    animal control follow up

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    I assume they'll send the squirrel for rabies testing. If tests positive, the guy has to start rabies shots IMMEDIATELY.

    You need to start the shots ASAP if probable exposure, but you don't want to risk the shots if you can promptly rule out exposure, since the shots have some nasty possible side effects. And they're also expensive.

    Dying squirrel rallies

    So the all-but-dead squirrel rallies, bites the 32-year-old unmarried bartender and immediately, spontaneously kicks the bucket. Somehow I can't take this story at face value.


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    It does reek a bit of urban legend, doesn't it.


    Animal Control will "follow up." Does that mean they'll make a stew?

    Negative grunt

    I have country relatives and upbringing. I've cleaned squirrel...not fun.

    heroic last bite

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    happily, squirrels in massachusetts are not a significant source of rabies


    Why in the world would you even think that a dying squirrel would want to be put into a tree?

    I know, hunh?

    If I were a dying squirrel, I'd want to be taken to the ER, stat!

    too funny

    OK, that got me laughing. Now I picture him bursting into Angel Memorial giving the squirrel mouth to mouth and screaming for a doctor. :)

    Leave it alone

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    Couldn't he just leave squirrel enough alone?


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    I had a border collie that used to love to chase squirrels. Until he caught one, with similar results. That pretty much cured him of the habit.


    It'll be a lot harder to get back into the tree....

    Had the rabies shots before...

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    That's why when I found a mortally wounded squirrel in the street I did him a favor and stepped on his head, quick and relatively painless. Listen, if a squirrel can crack open a walnut with those teeth, imagine what they can do to your thumb!


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    Had to be said.

    So bizarre..

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    ...that they mentioned the guy was unmarried. Maybe they thought he would appear so compassionate that he would get offered dates.