Oh, nuts: Epidemic of squashed squirrels puzzles, disgusts local motorists

I see 2-3 new ones every day on Soldiers Field Road, Matt Grondin reports.

Some possible explanations.



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And elsewhere

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I noticed this in Newton and Wellesley over the past few days as well - I wonder if the colder weather is encouraging some risky nut seeking behavior.

Strange and likely unrelated

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Strange and likely unrelated but I've seen atleast 8 or 9 dead squirrels around Cambridge over the last week. Most were on sidewalks or yards and not obviously car related.

Kendall, Davis, Porter and Central have all had a number of them - I saw 2 on my walk in this morning.

Hit one the other day on RT

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Hit one the other day on RT 2, where I couldn't swerve if I wanted to.

Natural Selection in it's most brutal. It's been a nice long wet summer, with plenty to eat and my guess is a lot more baby squirrels survived. now comes fall when they're kicked out and have to figure out foraging and roads.

Happens every year

We noticed this when we moved here 15 years ago and it happens every year. It's like they get lethargic or loopy in the fall and run willy-nilly into traffic. Weird.

Last week we counted 31 squashed squirrels on Route 9 between Boston and Natick. Is it more strange that there are so many fatalities or that we were interested enough in rodent death to take the time to count them - sometimes excitedly so?


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I've had several near-misses with squirrels the past few days, and can only assume there are some despondent rodents out there. In every case, a squirrel would be safely hanging out on the trunk of a tree, and as I ride by on my bicycle, they've decided that moment that they need to be on the other side of the path and scurry across, narrowly missing my front tire.