The parade

Biggest victory parade ever? That's what BPD is saying. Sure felt like it at Government Center, where a sea of jumping, chanting, happy people waited in the melting sun for the Bruins and the Cup - and then exploded into a chant of "We got the Cup!" when they arrived in a cloud of black and gold confetti.

Photos from the parade.



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They were saying one million

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They were saying one million on the news. I find that very hard to believ

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Why hard to believe?

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More than a million visitors are often in the city for First Night or the Fourth of July celebrations. We didn't go to the parade today ourselves, but watched a few minutes of it on TV, and the crowds looked easily as thick as they are at those events.

I had to take my wife over to Hyde Park this morning around 10, and the amount of black-and-gold, somewhat noisy traffic flowing east into the city was notable.

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It was big

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Not 2004 Red Sox big (3.2 million), but bigger than the Celtics in 2008 (about a million if I recall).

Having it on an awesome Saturday probably helped numbers.

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