Police seek Marathon runner knocked to ground by alleged jerk in Brighton

Boston Police report they are looking for a runner they say was smashed into by a guy who wanted to run alongside a pal in Cleveland Circle, to aid them in their case against him.

Police say officers watched the guy jump over metal barriers on Chestnut Hill Avenue near Englewood Avenue around 2:20 p.m., then "violently" knock the runner down "in an effort to meet with a friend who was running in the marathon."

The crush of runners prevented officers from getting to the woman, whom police say was helped to her feet by other runners and then assisted in continuing toward Cleveland Circle. Police add officers were unable to see her bib number.

Police describe her as a a white woman, 35-40, with a slim build and dark hair and wearing dark running gear. If you know the bruised runner, or saw her getting knocked down, contact detectives at 617-343-4335.

In contrast, police say, they were able to catch up with the suspect, who will be summonsed to court to face charges of disorderly conduct and disturbing a public assembly.



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    Well that narrows it down.

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    Well that narrows it down: a slim, white, female runner in her mid-thirties running in the Boston Marathon.

    I saw channel 4s reporter

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    I saw channel 4s reporter knock a runner while trying to run and interview another runner, but the runner was able to stay up. I don't know his name but its on tape, he should be cited too. You dont see baseball reporters running on the field during the game interviewing outfielders.

    ahh, they're finally

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    ahh, they're finally arresting people just for being assholes.

    Anyone know

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    where that fat ass with the Native American headdress daring runners to stop was perched?

    Audubon Circle

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    I was at the Beacon St. Tavern and saw him walk by several times. Along with a horrifying number of girls wearing slutty running outfits and falling down drunk. I had no idea Marathon Monday had become the Halloween of the spring.