Quincy teen charged with helping beat up younger sister's schoolmate at T stop now also charged with witness intimidation

A Quincy 18-year-old already facing charges she, her mother and her younger sister beat another teen to the ground at the Quincy T stop in March now faces an additional charge after she allegedly threatened to kill the teen at a court appearance yesterday.

According to MBTA Transit Police reports, the alleged battling family descended on the Central Middle School eighth grader in the station busway on March 31, at first yelling at her about her alleged sexual proclivities and a cold sore on her lip, then punching her and pulling her hair before one of them knocked her to the ground in the middle of the busway with a punch to the back of the head.

The mother, Angela Perez, the older sister, Geana Perez and the seventh-grade sister, not named because of her age, were charged with assault and batter with a dangerous weapon - the concrete onto which their victim fell.

Police say the three may have been doing the bidding of another teen with whom the victim was feuding.

At a court hearing yesterday, police say, the original investigating officer saw the victim run out of a courtroom, hysterical. She told the officer the older sister said, loudly enough for her to hear, "If she looks at me again, I'm gonna kill her." She also told the officer the three spent much of the hearing "staring her down."

That was good enough for a new charge against the sister of witness intimidation.

Innocent, etc.



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if you took a map of Greater Boston and folded it right across the middle through Boston to create a sort of blotchy Rorschach image -- Quincy would line up with Revere. Cambridge to Brookline -- Somerville to JP -- West Roxbury to Medford-Stoneham. It all sort of makes sense in a weird Patrick Swayze-North and South kind of way...

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good work officer

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Thank you for the compassion you showed to the poor victim. thank the lord someone speaks for the victims

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Now give her life in prison for the assault and the witness intimidation.

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Life in prison?

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We're putting too many people in prison. Just start executing them and exiling them. It's cheaper. Honest tax payers don't deserve to pay for these people to live in prisons.

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The Running Man

Now that we are actually in the age of reality tv (this is what makes 1970s-1980's sci-fi so great), I think it is time to start making some money off these fools. PBS can even take the lead on this one and raise some money.

I was thinking either some Running Man type shows, or some sort of Bear Grylls/Suvivorman/Dual Survivor type show/competition.

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