The Real Housewives of Southie

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    On route 34!

    It's so classic Masshole that she's giving a nonexistent route number for where her packy is.

    Screw correct route numbers that an outsider could locate; this is what my cousin's neighbor's uncle has been calling the route for YEARS!

    I had the same thought

    Yes, there's a bus with that route number, but people don't call the buses "route 34" here; they call them "the 34" or "the 34 bus." And Southie townies make a big point of letting everyone know that they wouldn't be caught dead on a bus.

    I assume she is referring to the road where her packy is, except there isn't a state numbered route (or federal highway or interstate) 34 in Massachusetts.

    Charlestown residents use Townie

    The HS sports teams are the Townies. Eeka is referring to certain Southie residents in a derogatory way. Similar to how you throw Masshole around.
    Funny, when other posters stereotype other groups you and Eeka are all over them.
    Pure hypocrisy.
    I find these videos amusing but why do I get the feeling that if it were The Real HouseWives of Roxbury portraying assuredly stereotypical black women you and Eeka and others wouldnt be chiming in.


    to burden with cruel or unjust impositions or restraints; subject to a burdensome or harsh exercise of authority or power: a people oppressed by totalitarianism.

    who are we talking about here?

    So, by your reasoning, all

    So, by your reasoning, all white people can be spoken of derogatorily?
    They can be called honkies and crackers? By anyone non-white?

    It's cool to call straight people breeders but anything but the preferred term used by homosexuals is verboten?

    Seems to me the non-Townies are in fact oppressing the Townies in a way.

    Yes, But...

    ... it's comedy. It's exaggerated. So, sure, all of the traits shown here exist in some folks from Southie, but maybe not such a large concentration in any one human being.

    Personally, I love Southie and I love most of the folks I've met who somewhat resemble these characters. In real life, aside from the clownish aspects, many have some very admirable traits: fierce loyalty to friends, true generosity with their limited resources, and a pride in their neighborhood that wouldn't be a bad thing at all for some other parts of the city to emulate.

    Having said that, come hang at M Street park during the softball season next year. I guarantee you'll see enough interesting folks in the stands, on the field, and going about their lives on the side streets that border the park, to convince you of the basic truthfulness of this very exaggerated (and hilarious) video.

    (As a bonus, you'll get to see my comical attempts at trying to hang on as a viable fast-pitch catcher at 55 years of age.)


    Certainly Not Easy

    Certainly not easy, that's for sure.

    However, should anyone wish to make such a journey and enjoy an evening at the ballpark...

    Roslindale To Southie, from MBTA website

    (I used Beech Street as a starting point since that's the area of Roslindale I know best.)

    While we're on the subject (more correctly, while I'm on the subject) here's the website for the M Street Softball League. You can probably find a mugshot and stats that match a familiar name if you have a few minutes and feel like digging...



    I leave my house in Roslindale....

    ... 7 days a week. I walk around in Roslindale. I talk to neighbors in Roslindale. I go to Roslindale Square. I go to church in Roslindale. I go to the library in Roslindale. I go to stores in Roslindale. I go to restaurants in Roslindale. Is that good enough for you anon?


    (oh, by the way -- it's supposed to be: "if you're from Roslindale").

    This Video needs to be

    This Video needs to be renamed because...

    There is no route 34 in South Boston.
    Marky Mark is from Dorchester not South Boston.
    The Red Sox are for yuppies, not trash.
    Yuppies run South Boston.

    - The Original South Boston Yuppie


    South Boston and Southie are two very different locations. Where you actually from, kid?