The Real Housewives of Southie do Christmas

Complete with a Stankee Swap. Totally, completely NSFW:

Meet the Real Housewives of Southie.



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      A Souithie Win!

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      A 40 of Mickey's? Wicked Pissa!

      Really not funny the least

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      Really not funny the least bit. I hope folks boycott Sullsbrand. I wouldnt give them a nickle. In fact they can kiss my azz

      fahkin bancha retahds. i

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      fahkin bancha retahds.

      i think it's a lot of easy jokes tho.. they could have made it more interesting.


      This is just precious -- absolutely needed for the holiday season!!

      Rt 34

      And I love how the one in jail calls Jackie out on her advertising and her place on Rt 34. "Where is that? In effin DANVERS?"

      It's the little things....

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      On the mantle are the retired numbers of Johnny Pesky, Walter Brown and Phil Esposito -- resulting in a particular area code.

      And framed on the wall by the door -- 1977 Red Sox team picture that I have stashed away somewhere. I think they came in the Sunday Globe back then.

      I like the

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      Mass hole bumper sticker above the stove.


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      Thank god for gentrification and the fact the people like this don't like in my neighborhood anymore.

      i think you meant

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      By SouthBostonResident (not verified) - 12/19/11 - 10:00 pm#1.0Vote up!Thank god for gentrification and the fact the people like this don't like me in my neighborhood anymore



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      You should come down from your 3rd floor condo more often.