Recycling your Christmas tree in Boston; but what about Festivus poles?

The DPW will collect Christmas trees (the real ones, that is) for the first two recycling days in January - put your denuded, de-ornamented tree at the curb by 7 a.m. on your recycling day.

No word on Festivus poles, although since those are simply alumninum, you can presumably just toss them in your recycling bin. But should you? William Ricker posits that you should just put it away somewhere for reuse next year. Ward 7 Somerville, however, counters that "fresh grievances merit a fresh pole."



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Not landfill

The city of Boston chips and composts the trees that are collected, so they don't take up space in landfills and they do more good than a bonfire. (The finished compost is given to community gardens throughout the city.)