Replacing a bridge in 72 hours

Time lapse of a three-day replacement project for replacement of the Woodrow Avenue bridge in Dorchester as part of the Fairmount Line upgrade.



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    Git 'er Done!

    Interesting to watch the demolition phase - I could finally understand what was making all that noise every Friday night at 8 this last summer as 93Fast14 went all demolition on another set of bridges.

    They got good weather, too. Nice work - and amazing how fast this can be done.

    engineering projects will

    engineering projects will ALWAYS be fascinating! you just don't get the complexity of them to understand or appreciate how absolutely amazing the engineering world really is.

    It's nice to see a project

    It's nice to see a project done fast in a modern age. I read so many stories of how this project and that project was done quickly and under-budget, but so many failures today.

    Perhaps the well-done projects was cherry picked, but I don't know that and this gives me hope that competence still exist in this part of the world.

    These prefab/fast-track

    These prefab/fast-track projects are amazing in terms of logistics and ingenuity. If only they sould have done this for the Americal Legion Bridge over Morton Street...that thing's been going on two years now. The residential development nearby has gone up in less time.

    The amount work in VT was amazing

    Probably the most impressive amount of work I've seen in modern times is the post-Irene work I saw in VT. We were in central VT over Columbus Day weekend, and every time you saw new pavement, you knew that section had just been repaired. Huge sections of road were washed away, towns were cut off, houses washed away, bridges washed out, and by Columbus Day, an incredible amount of repair work had been done. I was totally amazed all weekend.

    I heard that the work in VT was superhuman

    I haven't been up yet since the storm, but from relations and friends who live in central VT (Rutland, Killington, Plymouth) the word is that not only are they back and fully functional, but the roads are actually better than they were (and the roads in VT were always pretty good, particularly when compared to that live free or die tryin' nonsense next door). Apparently, the spirit of the Green Mountain Boys was on full display - Typical, wonderful yankees.

    I am eager to check out the rebuilds for myself and pump some money into the local economy over the next few months. Now if it will only start snowing (last night was a good, if late, start).

    Fairmount Upgrade

    Does anyone know about the upgrade to that CR line? I heard that they were changing the fair structure from a Zone 1 fare to subway after the construction of the new stations are complete.