'The residue and the stench of Big Dig culture' waft up again

The Globe reports the latest on the plummeting light fixture in the Big Dig: Transportation officials withheld news for a month and it turns out the "stem to stern" investigation ordered by the Romney administration didn't include actually disassembling any of the fixtures to see if they were rotting from within, which, it turns out, some were.



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    you fail, troll

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    Shouldn't the light bulbs have been changed under Romney's watched? Oh right, he was too busy campaigning across the country by bashing the citizens of Massachusetts and NOT doing the job he was elected to do.

    You forgot to include Bush and Cheney!

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    Sorry to impose on you, but do you want to go back and actually read the story referenced in the piece? Maybe not, so here you go:

    "Transportation Secretary Jeffrey B. Mullan said he should have consulted with the governor’s office and gone public earlier. Instead, the Department of Transportation did not inform Governor Deval Patrick until Tuesday"

    The Mitt-ster is gone four-plus years, Bucko. In fact, he wasn't here when he was here, if you know what I mean. Mullan and Tim Murry both work for Deval, not the Magic Mormon. And while Deval was out of the country creating jobs for Massachusettes (how did that one work out for us?) his guys are cashing the 2011 pay checks, so they're the ones in charge.

    Did you just tell somebody to read the article?

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    Maybe you didn't read the jump, where Willard promised a "stem to stern" look at all facets of the new tunnels, except, apparently, the 110-lb. light fixtures with the corroding support bars.

    This doesn't detract from what Mullan did (well, didn't), but as long as we're laying blame and all ...

    Federal prosecutors?

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    Don't Holder your breath...that's clearly looking backwards, not forwards, my friend. That's the ways of the past. I'm sure we should engender better friendships with the corporations who are our job providers in this country by not looking to prosecute every injury we've sustained under the administrations that have come before.

    Haven't you heard? That's our new Justice Department mantra handed down to them from the President himself.

    Of course I'm not holder-ing my breath

    I know the new policy is to *say* that the contractor responsible for the death in the tunnel won't get a dime of business from the state anymore.....then turn around and hand them new no-bid contracts anyway.

    I was more picturing a future administration taking this up....whoever that might be...you know, after a few more people get killed a few years from now. I can DREAM of justice, can't I?

    The Big Dig, the gift that

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    The Big Dig, the gift that keeps on giving. I am curious what is the next problem we are going to find / fall on some car.

    When it happens the the politicians will either keep it hidden from the public as not to embarrass their friends and cronies; or once it gets out issue apologies saying how sorry they are and what a terrible tragedy occurred.


    This is the project where 1

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    This is the project where 1 BILLION dollars disappeared and no one ever could figure out where it went, on top of all the open labor graft, and corner cutting by suppliers to pocket money from substandard construction materials. Do you really think there is ever going to be an end to the problems from it?

    I must say that I am shocked, just shocked, that the Attorney General couldn't find any wrongdoing in the project during her investigation. Next thing you know, she'll find that Massachusetts politicians aren't the slightest bit corrupt...oh wait!