R.I.P. Bostonist

Editor Matthew Gannon announces the mothership is shutting the site down:

There's no clever way to say it: This is the last word from Bostonist. Last week, Gothamist informed me that Bostonist will be going on hiatus and the blog will be shut down. At least we outlasted the 2011 Red Sox.



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    as a former Bostonist

    staffer I'm sad to see the site go. Matthew has done an admirable job with little to no local support. Several of us had to leave around the same time as Rick and Kerry, and it just never recovered.

    Hopefully Bostonist will be back in time.


    It used to be a daily check in- but I can't remember the last time I went there. Quite frankly, UH just became a better source of info for what was going on around town (that, and all the extensive Boston twitterers). They couldn't compete.


    Bostonist used to be my most checked RSS feed. They have slowed down quite a bit but I'll miss them. Lately, universalhub is my most read feed.

    Oh yea

    I'll miss PotD the most, but since the previous person responsible for that feature left awhile back it hasn't been as good or consistent anyway. Hope it comes back like it used to be!

    personally im extremely sad

    personally im extremely sad bostonist is gone, i moved from san francisco and was an avid sfist reader. i moved to boston to continue my education 2 months ago and have felt lost in a sea of boredom until i remembered that there was a bostonist! a glimmer of hope in the doldrum drag that is this town, and alas the day i check there isn't even a bit of site to view. alack, tis the life of a traveller from one awesome town to one subpar one :'(